Uncle Drew videos are one of the best things to happen to NBA basketball since Kyrie Irving was signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the young NBA star is back in "Uncle Drew Chapter 3," part three of the wildly popular video series.

Irving and his sponsor Pepsi MAX have made something of a tradition of the Uncle Drew series, which features the player dressed very convincingly as an old man who appears on a basketball court and shows off his massive hoops talent to the shock of the crowd and his stunned opponents. Press play below to watch the video in its entirety:

The video begins with a bit of backstory to set up the real action of the show, all to make the elaborate ruse seem more realistic and hilarious. The description of the video on Pepsi's official YouTube channel sums it up as follows:

"Uncle Drew visits an underground jazz club in downtown Chicago to convince his old point guard 'Lights' to relive their glory days on the court. As usual, players and spectators at the basketball court were told only that they would be filmed for a 'basketball documentary' -- what they really got were front row seats for some serious OLD MAN MAGIC."

And old man magic it is, as Irving, one of the best rising stars in the NBA and a notoriously skilled ball-handler, breaks a player's ankle on a sick crossover, before doing a spin and making a nice lay-up; drains some sweet threes from all over the court; and even slams in some massive dunks, all the while talking smack to his opponents in his fake gruff old man voice. And to top everything off, he is accompanied by fellow dominant basketball players Nate Robinson and Maya Moore, a top WNBA star.

Moore may take the cake as a shrill-voiced elderly woman, and once she gets going she throws down some nasty moves as well, throwing an alley-oop to Robinson, dunking, and saying "Namaste" after a particularly great shot.

It's official: Uncle Drew is back.