Valve has announced that Steam Trading Cards, which you can use to earn Steam coupons, emoticons for your Steam profile, profile backgrounds, game badges and more, is currently in beta. Players can earn these cards by playing games that are currently participating in the beta.

Games that are enrolled with Steam Trading Cards right now include "DOTA 2," "Counterstrike: Global Offensive," "Team Fortress 2," Portal 2," "Half-Life 2" and "Don't Starve," with additional games to be added.

To participate in the Steam Trading Cards beta, join the Steam Trading Cards group, and you'll eventually be sent an invite to the beta "in the order of members joined," according to the FAQ.

We're excited about the prospect of earning Steam DLC and coupons just by playing our favorite games. We wonder if players will be able to use coupons in conjunction with the great offers we're likely to see during the Steam Summer Sale.

In the interim, what do you think of Steam Trading Cards? Will you enroll? Why or why not? What else should Steam Trading Cards allow gamers to earn? Sound off in the comments below.