Google is celebrating British logician John Venn's 180th birthday today with a Google Doodle game involving those fun overlapping circles that descibe relationships in data. The game asks users to select two categories and Google will fill in the intersecting segment. For example: With the two categories of "Musical" and "Thrives in cold," the intersect is: An ice cream truck.

Venn -- who first explored Eulerian circles in his "On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representation of Propositions and Reasonings" published in the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science in 1880 -- probably didn't expect his illustrations to be used for comedic purposes, but jokes using Venn diagrams have become a popular Internet meme. 

Below are some of the Internet's best odes to inventor John Venn:


denzel washington venn diagram The Denzel Washington Venn Diagram Photo:

superhero A Venn Diagram of Superhero Comic Tropes Photo:

BuM1wTwIIAAFMmt Some people don't think the misuse of Venn Diagrams are very funny so twitter user @garwboy explained how to make a "Proper Fucking Venn." Photo: Dean Burnett

upallnight The Daft Punk song Get Lucky, explained Photo:

loveintheair Love is in the air Photo: Cody Westphal

XY The book cover for 'X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story' by Eve and Leonora Epstein uses venn diagrams to show the difference between the genders. Photo: Publisher: Harry N Abrams

art What it takes to create art Photo: Ned Hepburn

drunk toddlers What do Drunk People and Toddlers have in common? Photo: mammalingo

And for those of you who like your Venn diagrams animated, "Late Night with Seth Meyers" has you covered: