Perhaps the greatest dunk ever captured on video was performed outside of Staples Center recently.

Justin Darlington, also known as Jus Fly, dunked a ball after performing a cartwheel right outside where the Lakers play. The video has become an internet sensation, receiving over 137,000 views on YouTube in just three days. Darlington's dunk was also shown on PTI on ESPN.

Darlington leaped over 42 inches in the air after picking the ball, almost at the exact same moment that he completed the cartwheel. He received a perfect score from the judges for the dunk.

This isn't the first time he has received notoriety because of his incredible leaping ability. Darlington was declared the best dunker in the world by Dime Magazine in 2010. Jus Fly is from Canada, and performed the dunk at the Nike Slam Dunk Contest in L.A.

Here is the video of Darlington's amazing dunk: