Hope Solo was outspoken about her concerns over playing in the 2016 Summer Olympics because of the Zika virus, and the fans in Rio won’t let her forget it. The goalkeeper for the United States women’s soccer team was showered with chants of “Zika” when she touched the ball in the team's first match.

Solo was booed during Wednesday’s Olympic opener that saw the U.S. defeat New Zealand. The 35-year-old didn’t allow a goal in the 2-0 victory as she looks to win her third gold medal, despite her health concerns.

“I strongly believe that no athlete should be put into this position to decide between your Olympic dreams and your own health,” Solo told CNBC in May. “And so, begrudgingly I think is a good way to put it, I’m very excited for the Olympics. It’s never been done where we’ve won the World Cup and then backed it with an Olympic championship.

“Of course I want to go to the Olympics. I want to win the Olympic gold. But at the same time, I am very worried about my health and I’m worried about all the fans that are coming, my friends and family members who are coming. It’s something to be aware of and I’m taking every precaution necessary. I’m even not sure I’m going to be leaving the hotel room outside of practice.”

While some athletes have skipped the Olympics altogether because of Zika, Solo went to Rio, fully prepared to stave off the virus. She posted pictures of protective gear and insect repellent on Twitter that she claimed she was taking with her to the Games.

Solo didn’t take the chants too seriously, saying she was glad the fans were “having fun.” Before the Olympics got underway, Solo expressed some regret for previous comments, claiming the American media was tough on Brazil and gave her the wrong impression about the country.

"We are used to getting booed in other countries, so that part of it is not foreign,” said U.S. coach Jill Evans, who expressed her hope that Brazilians were aware that Solo had apologized. "I hope the Brazilian people appreciate what we are trying to do with the ball and move past that."

Solo was the starting goalkeeper when Team USA won gold in 2008 and 2012. She started when the U.S. won the World Cup last summer, and the team is a heavy favorite to win gold this year.