“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver is well-known to use his weekly, 30-minute program to tackle major and controversial issues like gun control, Donald Trump’s genealogy, net neutrality, and many more from around the globe.

So it was no surprise Oliver used part of his most recent episode on Sunday to comment and skewer embattled United States swimmer Ryan Lochte after his alleged “robbery” story at the 2016 Rio Olympics completely unravelled last week.

Calling the 31-year-old, five-time gold medalist, among other things, the “purest form of the chemical element ‘Bro,’” as well as actor John Slattery’s double for a pornographic re-imagining of AMC’s “Mad Men,” Oliver rehashed the details of the controversy surrounding Lochte and three of his U.S. swimming teammates.

Last week Lochte repeatedly reiterated his version of events he said occurred in the early morning hours of Aug. 14, stating he and his teammates were held at gunpoint and robbed in Rio after a night out celebrating the end of their events. Lochte specifically said an alleged robber pointed a gun at his forehead and ordered him on the ground.

However, Brazilian officials further investigated the matter and said they found little proof to any of Lochte’s claims. Lochte then later slightly altered his story, saying they were in a taxi that was pulled over by men brandishing police badges who forced their car to pull into a gas station.

Later, Lochte’s teammates were forced to stay in Brazil while officials continued their investigation, though Lochte had already flown back to the U.S. It was revealed Lochte and the other swimmers were inebriated and urinated all over a gas station and committed acts of vandalism in the station’s bathroom before paying for the damages.

All of that, including Lochte’s apology, were ripe for Oliver and his staff’s picking.

Oliver goes on to drop such lines on Lochte including:”“If Sting was a jock,” “Doesn’t understand how mirrors work,” and “America’s idiot sea cow,” while also saying “there’s no way” Lochte wrote his apology and said it’s likely Lochte believes HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” takes place in the late 1800s.

The full segment is below.