Fret not about lack of action when “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC in October. Executive producer and special FX makeup designer Greg Nicotero has dished to AMC’s “Walking Dead” blog about the season four premiere.

Nicotero, who's the man to thank for all your favorite creepy zombies, recently directed the first episode of season four and promised fans of the series that it’s going to be a good one. “What’s nice about the first episode is that they always supersize it and give you an extra day,” he explained. “Because they know that the script is going to be insanely filled with great drama and great action, and we certainly didn’t skimp on anything in this one.”

So, what can fans expect when season four premieres? Nicotero didn’t reveal too much, but from what he did say, it sounds like fans can expect someone to succumb to a zombie bite.

“In the first episode this season, one of the guys in my crew was like, ‘You did every gag that you ever did in three years of ‘The Walking Dead’ in one episode,’” Nicotero teased. “We had walkers. We had mummified corpses. We had puppets. We had zombie bites …”

We're going to ignore the "puppets" comment for now and dive straight into the "zombie bite" teaser. Zombie bites could mean two things for a character on “The Walking Dead”: Death or amputation. In the season three premiere, “Seed,” Hershel received a bite to the leg, but Rick saved him by quickly amputating his leg. Could another character be suffering the same fate?

Judging by the recently leaked photos of a bandaged Rick, everyone’s favorite sheriff might be the one with the unlucky walker encounter. The photos in question were posted on “Walking Dead” Facebook fan page, DEAD TALK. In one of the photos, Rick stands with Carol by the trunk of their car, while in another he’s crouched on the side of the road. While the photos don’t reveal too much about what’s going on, Rick’s right hand is bandaged.

It’s unconfirmed how Rick managed to injure his hand, but “Walking Dead” fans have plenty of time to speculate before the season four premiere in October. What do you think about Greg Nicotero’s episode one teasers? Who do you think will receive a zombie bite? Let us know in the comments section.