In an astonishing incident, an English golden retriever named Storm jumped into the waters of Long Island Sound, the body of water between Connecticut and Long Island on Sunday morning to rescue a drowning baby deer stuck in the water, CBS New York reported.

The entire incident was recorded by the dog’s owner, Mark Freeley, who later shared it on the social media. The 6-year-old dog took matters into his own hands Sunday morning during what was meant to be just a casual walk to the beach with his owner. The owner and his pet spotted the fawn struggling in the waters when Storm jumped in to save the animal.

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"Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore," the dog’s owner, Freeley, told CBS New York.

After rescuing the fawn, Storm placed it on the shore and started licking and nudging it as if to make sure it was ok. Freeley told CBS the baby deer was probably scared and spooked by Storm as well as other people who had gathered to help him. Scared, he ran back into the water in order to stay away from the crowd. He was then again rescued for the second time. A group of Good Samaritans, including Freeley and two other people from Strong Island Rescue, an animal rescue group, waded through the water to help rescue the baby deer.

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Frank Floridia of Strong Island Rescue and his partner Erica Kutznig, along with Freeley, went into the water.

"It was a do-or-die situation," Floridia told the New York Daily News. "I really didn’t have much of a choice. If I didn’t go in the water, the deer would’ve died," he added.

"This time it went out even further," Freeley told CBS. "The second rescue was a lot of anxiety," Floridia said. He said it was around after eight minutes they could finally manage to get a rope around the animal. The men were in the water trying to catch the baby deer with the rope, while Kutznig ran about a mile on the beach. 

"I don’t think I could’ve done it without the help of my partner. At this point, I was exhausted. My knee blew out, and I collapsed on the beach," Floridia said. After rescuing, Kutznig carried the baby deer, who was said to be covered in ticks and was suffering from an eye injury.

The fawn was then carried to the rescue team’s van and is now reported to be resting and undergoing treatment at a local animal rescue center.

Storm was hailed hero by social media users with one of them calling him a "furry angel and a real hero."