Coming right on the heels of the birth of April the Giraffe’s calf Tajiri, two more fur babies arrived to melt animal lovers’ hearts. A polar bear at SeaWorld in Queensland, Australia gave birth to twins Wednesday, and the theme park has released new footage of 16-year-old Liya with her cubs.

“We are excited to announce the newest members of Sea World’s Polar Bear Shores family!” SeaWorld wrote in a Monday post on its Facebook page. “Our Polar Bear and veterinary team at Sea World are monitoring Liya and the cubs very closely as these early stages remain an extremely critical period. Stay tuned here to get regular updates on their progress.”

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SeaWorld said that each cub was born 15 centimeters long and weighed around 600 grams. Fans shared their excitement about the births on SeaWorld’s Facebook page.

“Well done Liya ... and to the staff at SeaWorld who work tirelessly to ensure these bears have everything they need to feel comfortable enough to breed! Such a proud day for you all:) Liya you are a beautiful mother,” wrote one woman.

Another wrote, “I remember when Liya first came to [SeaWorld]! So beautiful and encouraging that under your care two new polar bears have been born!”

This was reportedly Liya’s second successful birth. Speaking with the director of marine service, Travor Long, ABC reported Monday that Liya had spent time with two males before the births. SeaWorld suspects that a polar bear named Hudson is the father of the twins, who have not yet been named.

ABC reported that the cubs are expected to leave their den in July with the possibility of going on public display sometime in August.