It's another big moment in the Brown family, as Mariah Brown's significant other comes to Las Vegas to officially meet her large family.

In a preview clip for the newest episode of "Sister Wives," Mariah arrives home at her mother Meri's house for St. Patrick's Day with Audrey Kriss in tow, and it becomes clear that if the family had reservations when Mariah initially came out to them and told them she was gay, those reservations have all disappeared.

"Mariah and Audrey have been dating for about three and a half months. They started dating toward the end of December," Meri says in the clip. "They're happy and having fun together. She's just glowing, she's always smiling. It's really cute."

"I asked her, I said, 'It looks like you've lost a lot of weight, what's that all about?'" Robyn chimes in. "And she's like, 'I'm just happy!'"

However, Mariah's happiness isn't the only thing her family has noticed. While they want Mariah to be happy more than anything else, Meri and the rest of the adults admit that they love how much Audrey folds in with their family and seems to adjust to them easily.

"Audrey fits in perfectly. She totally does, because she just has fun with all the kids and jokes around with everybody. She's a perfect fit," Meri says.

One example of how well Audrey fits in with the family involved how much she was looking forward to meeting the rest of the other 17 Brown children, admitting in the clip that she actually wanted to head to Vegas earlier so she could have more time with the family.

"I love hanging out with the family, so I'm really excited! That's why I asked Mariah if we could get flights earlier in the day so we could hang out with the family," she says in the clip.

It seems Audrey got her wish, as the clip ends shortly after Mariah's older brother, Logan, and his fiancĂ©e, Michelle, arrive at Meri's house along with her younger brothers Garrison and Solomon.

Audrey isn't the only new extended member of the large family of course. In recent years, Maddie and Mykelti have both married, with Maddie also having a son, Axel, in 2017. Logan is also engaged, as is Aspyn.

"Sister Wives" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.