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Investors Flock To Islamic Bonds

Western investors are getting into Islamic bonds (which adhere to Shariah law) because the returns are often higher. Does that mean we'll see secret Shariah cattle farms in the American heartland, and Wall Street types in Muslim attire? Kathleen Caulderwood investigates.

Congo Mountain Gorillas, Advocates Face Uphill Climb

Gorilla tourism: Central Africa’s Virunga National Park is rebounding after years of regional strife, but continuing conflicts endanger its famous mountain gorillas, their human advocates and the region’s budding ecotourism industry. Freelancer April Simpson reports from the mountainous bush. 

Sochi Olympics Stir Exiles 

For most of the world, “Sochi” entered the lexicon only after it was selected as an Olympic venue. But in ethnic enclaves around the world, Sochi has been a freighted name for more than 150 years. Gabriele Barbati reports on Circassian exiles from the Russian region now living in Israel and the lost mass graves buried under the Winter Games venue.

Cancer Patients vs. Big Pharma

If you can save someone’s life, would you? Well, it’s complicated, drug companies say. Jamie Reno looks at the sometimes sad and maddening relationship between cancer patients and big pharma companies upon whom their lives depend.

Mirage? Doubts Rise Over Castaway's 'Lost at Sea' Claim

The Mexican man who supposedly drifted for more than a year in his boat and ended up in the Marshall Islands – is he legit? Such astonishing survival episodes have happened before, owing to the Pacific currents. Mark Johanson looks at the history and personal drama of Pacific castaways, including its most recent episode.


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