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Chocolates for Mrs. Assad

Reporter Robert Dulmers and photographer Teun Voeten set out across Syria with an audacious plan: to see if they can land an interview with embattled President Bashar al-Assad. Here’s the story of what happened.

Liberty Leading the People

Beyond the grave geopolitical ramifications, the Ukrainian uprising is notable for some of the most stunning visual imagery of any conflict in the world. Through photographs and images of classical paintings, Alan Huffman explains why.

Welcome to the Embassy of Satan!

Avedis Hadjian tours the former U.S. embassy in Tehran, which is today both a tourist site and a rallying point for old-school anti-imperialism. 

Mungo Man

Mark Johansson visits the Australian Outback’s Mungo National Park with an Aboriginal guide to see where the discovery of the bones of “Mungo Man” rewrote human history when they were discovered 40 years ago.



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