Wendy’s (WEN) shares were surging over 20% in early afternoon trading Tuesday as the Redditt’s WallStreetBets investing community took an interest in the stock for its social media quirkiness, making it the latest meme stock to soar in the market.

One Redditt user suggested that Wendy’s was “literally the perfect stock for this sub” based on the tweets the fast-food chain posts about its “chicken tendies” and roasts to its rivals McDonald’s and Burger King, which they said are “incredibly effective with the younger generation.”

The user also mentioned that the chain released a new summer salad.

Some Reddit users said that Wendy investors were set to generating big “tendies” themselves – a term that refers to trading profits and also the nickname for Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

The swing for Wendy’s comes after the company posted strong sales in May, and after stocks, AMC Entertainment and GameStop took the Redditt ride.

But one Reddit user on the site pointed out that Wendy’s may be ready to pop because it is owned by a number of insiders and big institutional firms, which may not make it a target for many short-selling hedge funds to bet against, CNN reported.

The top shareholder at the company is hedge fund Trian, which owns a 12% stake. Trian is run by Nelson Peltz, who personally holds another 7% of the firm, CNN said. Mutual fund companies Vanguard and BlackRock also hold more than 7% stakes in Wendy’s, according to the news outlet.

However, some Reddit users are banking on a quick push of the price, with one user saying, “Frenzy+scarcity+low volume means minimal buys could push the price quickly.”

Shares of Wendy’s were trading at $27.49 as of 1:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, up $4.55, or 19.83%.

wendy's On Wednesday, the Wendy's Twitter account started to give serious and genuine movie reviews to questions posed by users. Here, The Wendy's sign is seen outside their restaurant in Bowie, Maryland, May. 9, 2017. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images