What is Social Capital?

SOCIAL CAPITAL is the intangible asset at the heart of a new and dynamic view of “success.” It is changing business and the world as we know it, especially as we face one of the most difficult periods of adjustment the world has ever known. Now we at IBT are taking you on an exclusive journey to find it, define it, and to create a forum for those trail-blazing leaders who have it to tell you in their own words how they are transforming society.

It cannot be measured quantitatively, but it is VERY real.

It is not just about quality or service, but those who have it are consistently recognized as top notch providers of such.

It is not just about integrity or social good, but those with it usually score high in that category as well.

You cannot buy it, nor can you obtain it simply by supporting sustainability efforts or the latest and greatest causes or campaigns.

The results cannot be quantified simply by increased profits or ROI, or even great press.

It’s bigger than all of that!

And as indefinable as it may be, you know it when you see it, when you are lucky enough to work for a company or CEO who has it, or when you are a devoted customer. Because it fosters not just loyalty, but dare we say it…


A Brand New World…Not All About Your Brand

From Chris Benguhe