Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson reunited at Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday.

The two royals sat one row apart from each other while inside St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Judi James, a body language expert, claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh acknowledged Fergie when she arrived in church. However, the tension between them was still evident.

“You could tell the tension as soon as the Duchess arrived in the church. As soon as she walked in she pulled her arms into her side and put her head down,” James said (via The Sun).

Inside the church, Ferguson sat close to her eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, to avoid the awkward situation. According to James, Princess Beatrice made an eye contact with her mom as though to tell her to keep talking because Prince Philip is slowly approaching their area.

“It was almost like the sort of behavior you see at a party when somebody you don’t want to see walks in,” James said.

The body language expert noted that Prince Philip actually smiled at Ferguson twice, which was a big step for the 97-year-old. However, it seems Ferguson didn’t notice Prince Philip’s attempts at reaching out to her. Prince Philip and Ferguson had a falling out after the Duchess of York was involved in a series of scandals before she divorced Prince Andrew.

“The Duchess of York was sat in front of Philip, so unless she had eyes in the back of her head, she wouldn’t have known. She probably didn’t want to take the risk of turning around,” James said.

Joe Gamp, a journalist for Express, also said that Prince Philip didn’t snub Ferguson at his granddaughter’s wedding. In fact, the senior royal appeared to be in good spirits when he was seen joking with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

In related news, Ferguson also made headlines at Princess Eugenie’s wedding when it was reported that she arrived six minutes late and almost upstaged the bride, according to The Sun.