• PETA India announced on Twitter that it has named a rescue cow after Kim Kardashian
  • The nonprofit lauded the reality star for spreading awareness about the dairy-free diet online
  • The “KUWTK” star has been sharing her meat- and dairy-free recipes on social media 

A rescue cow has been named after reality star-turned-business mogul Kim Kardashian.

Over the weekend, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India announced that it has named a cow after the KKW Beauty founder. The reason behind this move has to do with Kardashian’s new diet. 

“For mothers day, PETA India names rescued mother cow ‘Kim Kowdashian’ after reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Thanks for promoting a dairy-free diet @KimKardashian,” the nonprofit organization wrote on Twitter

The organization also took to its own website to talk more about the rescue cow and Kardashian’s positive influence on many people through her social media accounts. 
According to PETA, the female bovine was exploited for her dairy before she was rescued. Her former owner was even caught abusing her on the street. Now that the nonprofit has custody over her, she gets to enjoy nourishing green grass and other healthy food as well as stay at a lush sanctuary.

The organization also described Kim Kowdashian as a “drop-dead gorgeous” cow because of her “striking eyes and long, dark eyelashes” — features that her 40-year-old celebrity namesake also possesses, as per the New York Post. 

PETA then thanked Kanye West’s ex-wife for spreading awareness by promoting meat- and dairy-free recipes on Instagram, the social media platform where she amassed over 200 million followers. The organization noted that by doing so, many people will also be inclined to enjoy vegan food.

Finally, the nonprofit encouraged everyone to open their eyes to what the dairy industry has been doing to cows and buffaloes — females are allegedly artificially impregnated and forced to produce milk until they are either abandoned or slaughtered for beef when they are unable to lactate while the males are allegedly abandoned, starved or killed since they can’t produce milk.

Kardashian first disclosed her decision to switch to a mostly plant-based diet early last year during an impromptu Q&A with fans on Twitter, as per Insider. At the time, she said that she and her kids (5-year-old Saint, 3-year-old Chicago and 2-year-old Psalm), except for 6-year-old daughter North, were eating mostly plant-based meals.

She has since been updating her fans with her no-meat, almost vegan lifestyle through her social media accounts. In February, she uploaded a series of photos showing off her sexy body on Instagram and wrote, “Plant based does a body good,” in the caption.
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian attends the LACMA Art + Film Gala at LACMA in Los Angeles on Nov. 3, 2018. Photo: Getty Images/Jesse Grant