Looks like Cristin Milioti has found herself a man—and no, we’re not referring to Ted Mosby! According to reports, the “How I Met Your Mother” star landed herself a new gig and boyfriend weeks before the CBS show aired its series finale.

So, what is this new show starring "the Mother" called? Well, the upcoming NBC series is titled “A to Z” and it follows the “whimsical and comedic” love story between a woman named Zelda and her boyfriend, Andrew. But there’s a twist to this seemingly common sitcom. Reports confirmed that “A to Z” will cover the wide spectrum of the couple’s relationship from “meeting to breakup.”

Milioti will be portraying the role of Zelda, who is said to be a serious realist and attorney who works at a small, public-advocacy law firm. That said, this will be a far stretch from Milioti’s day-dreaming, fate-seeking character on “HIMYM.”

“Zelda loves being grown-up and doesn’t understand why anyone over 20 would go see an animated movie or eat ice cream sundaes,” a spoiler revealed. Opposite this destiny-despising protagonist is her boyfriend’s goofy and obnoxious buddy, Stu, who will be portrayed by Henry Zebrowski.

Despite his unsolicited advice and outlandish comments, Stu’s character is a “great guy and loyal friend to Andrew, his roommate and co-worker at a dating site.”

We have a feeling Zelda and Stu are going to be butting heads in “A to Z,” which is kind of ironic considering the two are relatively close. Did you know that Milioti and Zebrowski both worked together on the Oscar-nominated flick “The Wolf of Wall Street”? And to think that Zelda doesn’t believe in fate!

Milioti’s TV boyfriend has yet to be named, but we have the feeling he’s going to be as goofy and romantic as Ted—don’t you?

Are you excited for Milioti to appear in a new TV series? Let us know your thoughts on “A to Z” and your predictions of who will play the role of Andrew in the comments section below.