Since 1994, October 5 has been known as World Teachers' Day as initiated by UNESCO. On this special day, we pay tribute to our so-called "second parents."  Their tireless effort and dedication to their job are truly inspiring especially during this time. As we celebrate World Teachers' Day 2021, why not give a token of appreciation to your dear teachers?

Here are some of the best gift ideas for World Teachers' Day 2021 so you can shop for the best gifts for teachers to give to your beloved mentors.

1. HomeGoods Gift Card

Home Goods Card A gift card is always thoughtful and practical to give. Photo:

Unsure about what your teacher likes? Well, you can never go wrong with a gift card. With $50 to spend on whatever he/she likes at the store, a HomeGoods gift card is a very thoughtful and practical gift to give. 

2. Mind Reader -- Canister (Set of 3)

Mind Reader - Canister Teachers like to keep organized, so here's a thoughtful gift to give. Photo:

Teachers are very organized. Whether arranging lesson plans, school projects or teaching materials, they are always on top of things. Gift your teacher these  Mind Reader canisters, which can be used in the kitchen or bedroom as well.

3. Shower Routine Set

Shower Routine Set Shower essentials to give to your teacher. Photo:

One of the best ways to destress after a long day is through a nice long shower. This shower set from By Humankind contains three essential products for a relaxing time: Lavander Shampoo, Eucalyptus Conditioner and Tea Tree Body Wash. 

4. Summer Routine Set

Summer Routine Set This handy kit is a perfect gift for teacher. Photo:

With the return to face-to-face classes, teachers will be moving around a lot. Going from classroom to classroom, mingling with students and fellow faculty members, even their daily commute to and from work can be very tiring. Gift your favorite teacher this By Humankind Summer Set, which contains convenient travel-sized essentials like hand sanitizer and deodorant to ensure that he/she is always clean and fresh.

5. LARQ Bottle PureVis

LARQ Bottle PureVis™ Help keep your favorite teacher hydrated with this LARQ bottle. Photo:

As they need to talk a lot due to work, teachers need to stay hydrated throughout the day. There's no need for them to get bottled water or worry about not having warm water available as Larq has unique cooling and time-tested bottles which you can get for $80 and below. 

6. DG23 Set

DG23 Set A handy water bottle is a practical gift option for your favorite teacher. Photo:

If you want to get your favorite teacher something special, this Larq DG23 set is a great choice. It comes with a bottle container for easy storage. Your teacher can simply attach it to any bag or hang it for his/her convenience.

7. Ottoto Ellsworth

Ottoto Ellsworth Eyeglasses are always a popular accessory for teachers. Photo:

If your teacher wears eyeglasses, why not gift him/her glasses that are functional and stylish? Aside from being affordable, the Otto Ellsworth eyeglass frames have a modern and sleek vibe and are super practical as it comes with your choice of lens.

8. Amelia E. Tricia

Amelia E. Tricia Treat your teacher to a pair of new glasses. Photo:

The Amelia E. Tricia eyeglass frames will give your teacher a youthful vibe. It includes their lens of choice. Whether your teacher needs a new reading glass or prescription glasses, this gift is something your teacher will be able to use. 

9. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice A vibrant gift for our beloved teacher. Photo:

Surprise your teacher with this Pumpkin Spice bouquet, which can also evoke nice, warm feelings. Made from roses, hydrangea and scabiosa, your teacher would love to receive this thoughtful gift.

10. Pomegranate Cider

Pomegranate Cider Show your appreciation through flowers. Photo:

Any teacher's heart will melt at the sight of these beautiful blooms. Gift your mentor this special bouquet which contains 20-25 stems of fresh flowers.

11. Velvet Crush

Velvet Crush A lovely gift to surprise your teacher with. Photo:

Flowers always make for a nice gift. Composed of premier roses, callas and alstroemeria, this combination of romantic blooms will surely brighten up your teacher's day.

12. Organic Solid Latex Pillow

Organic Solid Latex Pillow Your teacher deserves a good night's sleep. Photo:

Teaching is not a "chill" profession. From coming up with lessons plans to completing grading sheets, your teacher deserves a restful sleep. This pillow from Plush Beds is made from high-quality latex, giving great spine support for natural healthy sleep.

13. The CBD Pillow

CBD Pillow Your teacher will enjoy a more restful sleep with this pillow. Photo:

The CBD pillow is made from gel memory foam and infused with millions of CBD microcapsules. This helps give users a deeper and more relaxing sleep for energized mornings.

14. Death Wish + Valhalla Java Coffee Bundle

Death Wish + Valhalla Java Coffee Bundle Does your teacher prefer strong coffee? Then this is the gift to give. Photo:

The maker of the world's strongest coffee has come up with potent artisanal blends perfect for giving your teachers a much-needed energy boost in the middle of the day. Five-hour lectures will surely be a breeze with a cup of these strong blends.

15. Dark Roast + Medium Roast Bundle

Dark Roast + Medium Roast Bundle The perfect coffee bundle for your favorite teacher. Photo:

If you're unsure about your teacher's coffee preferences then Death Wish Coffee has this bundle that has dark chocolate & cherry and peanut, caramel & apricot blends. Each blend is twice as strong as the average coffee, ensuring that your teacher will get a potent dose of caffeine.

16. Collezione Italiana (16 Pieces)

Collecione Italiana (16 Pieces) Treat your teacher to Italian-inspired sweets. Photo: Vosges Chocolate

Vosges Chocolate is perfect to gift to teachers who have a sweet tooth! Treat them to this specialty chocolate inspired by Italy. Made from Tuscan olive oil, Sicilian salt, Taleggio cheese and more, it is a chocolate-tasting experience unlike any other. It also comes with a guidebook that your teacher will surely enjoy.

17. 2018 Chateau Jansenant Cotes De Bourg Bordeaux Rouge

2018 Château Jansenant Côtes De Bourg Bordeaux Rouge Even teachers will enjoy a good bottle of wine. Photo:

This fine red wine has been awarded several gold medals. It is a Merlot-dominated blend that offers an enticing aroma of cocoa and wood, finished with a touch of licorice. Barrel-aged in French oak, it's the perfect drink to cap off your hardworking teacher's long day.

18. 2018 Terre Blanche Old Vines Graves Bordeaux Graves

2018 Terre Blanche Old Vines Graves Bordeaux, Graves A relaxing drink after a long day. Photo:

A winner of the 2020 Platinum -- Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition, this blend is a combination of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon made from 35-year-old vines. Your beloved teacher will be delighted by the vanilla, chocolate and spicy aromas.