Ric Flair and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are currently at loggerheads over the use of the moniker “The Man” which has been used by RAW women’s champion Bency Lynch over the past year. The WWE legend wants to get paid by the promotion as he has trademarked the phrase “If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man.”

The pro-wrestling veteran wanted to come to an amicable agreement with WWE but was unable to after multiple approaches by his legal counsel and has now decided to file a lawsuit in order to get his due. He admitted it has affected his relationship with daughter Charlotte Flair, who is one of the top stars of the promotion.

However, despite all the legal battles, PW Insider’s Mike Johnson reports that Flair will be at Tuesday’s taping of SmackDown Live in Tennessee with the WWE legend expected to attend a Q&A session for sponsor Crickett Wireless with daughter Charlotte. The session will be broadcasted live on Crickett Wireless’ Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Flair’s appearance at SmackDown Live’s debut on the Fox Network on Oct. 4 from Los Angeles has also been advertised despite the recent disagreements on using “The Man” moniker. The WWE Hall of Famer’s long-term future, however, has been questioned.

According to Wrestling Observer, via Cageside Seats, Flair’s contract is up at the end of the season and with his lawsuit battle with WWE and his booking on AEW champion Chris Jericho’s Jan. 2020 Cruise, there are talks that he may not re-sign with the promotion, which will be a big loss for WWE. The “Nature Boy” continues to be a popular figure among the WWE Universe.

Lynch, who is currently the RAW women’s champion, could be in the process of rekindling her friendship with Charlotte, as they team up against Sasha Banks and Bayley. The Irishwoman caught wind of Flair’s trademark filing and tweeted: "I am The Man,” to which Flair responded with: "To Be The Man, You Gotta Beat THE MAN! #AlreadyTrademarked,” via Wrestling Inc.