The 10 Worst Cities of the World in 2011

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  • Tehran, Iran
    A general view of residential buildings in north western Tehran. The EIU Liveability Ranking survey, which assesses cities on the basis of stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure and culture and environment, ranks Dakar and Tehran the tenth worst city in the world. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl
  • 9. Colombo, Sri Lanka (47.3%)
    A statue of Buddha in Colombo. REUTERS
  • 6. Katmandu, Nepal (Tie)
    Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla, northeast of Kathmandu. Despite being a gateway to Mount Everest and so many other tourism hotspots, Kathmandu's poor infrastructure and other living factors make it one of the worst cities in the world. REUTERS/Gopal Chitrakar
  • 7. Douala, Cameroon (43.3%)
    A file photo shows Cameroonian riot police on a street during violent protests in the port city of Douala. REUTERS/Talla Sop Ruben
  • 1. Karachi, Pakistan
    A colonial-era building undergoing restoration in Karachi on December 27, 2010. The building was damaged a year ago after an angry mob, reacting to a suicide bomb attack on a procession of Shi'ite Muslims commemorating Ashura, set nearby shops ablaze. Violence, suicide bomb blasts and more such security issues put Karachi in the top ten among the world's worst cities. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro
  • 5. Lagos, Nigeria (39%)
    People and traffic move along a busy street in Lagos. As struggle for peace, democracy, development, human rights and good governance continues in most of the African countries, Lagos in Nigeria is the fifth worst city in the world. REUTERS/George Esiri
  • 4. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (38.9%)
    A cemetery with graves of HIV-AIDS victims on the outskirts of Port Moresby. REUTERS/David Gray
  • 3. Algiers, Algeria (38.7%)
    Ketani beach at Bab el oued in Algiers. Despite increased wealth and improved security, Algiers has failed to create liveable conditions on the parameters of stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure and culture and environment. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra
  • 2. Dhaka , Bangladesh (38.7%)
    An overcrowded train at Dhaka's Airport rail station. REUTERS/Rafiquar Rahman
  • 1. Harare, Zimbabwe (37.5%)
    Children walk past a makeshift house at a slum in Hatcliffe, Harare. Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, is the lowest-scoring city and ranked the worst city of the world. Despite hopes of elections in 2011, stability and healthcare scores of just 25% and 20.8% respectively highlight a bleak situation in the city. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo
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The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) lists the world's 10 worst cities, where most aspects of living are severely restricted, in the Global Liveability Ranking report 2011. View the slideshow to take a look at the world's 10 worst cities.

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