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Hands on the Wheel

Over the course of the past two decade s, a series of seismic shifts in the political, cultural and media landscapes have made it necessary for leading companies and high net worth individuals to...
Pfizer vaccine

When COVID-19 Hotlines Get Dinged

If event sales companies such as Ticketmaster can use AI to thwart bots trying to buy Rolling Stones tickets, why can't AI defend the next vaccine shipments and appointments too?
While richer nations have pre-ordered vaccine doses for their populations, there are fears that poorer nations could be left behind

How The South Can Save The World From Pandemics

To beat COVID-19 and to prevent new pandemics, the world needs a boots-on-the-ground strategy of detection and prevention in all the regions of the globe, including the poor as well as the rich.
A pharmacy tech holds a tablet of hydroxychloroquine

Trump Seeks Rule To Cut Drug Prices

The Most Favored Nation rule would require U.S. drug manufacturers to price certain Medicare drugs no higher than the lowest price in other rich countries, where the government acts as a...