ballot box

Why State Elections Need Instant Runoffs

Instant runoffs encourage more civil campaigns as candidates seek to appeal to an audience that may not have them as their first choice but would consider them as a second.

New York City Steps Into A 5G Connected Future

The effect that 5G will have on a city like New York is far-reaching. It will help fuel new innovations and create an immersive world of interactive services and experiences, all delivered in real...
Capitol Hill

The 'FAIR' Act Doesn't Treat Consumers Or Workers Fairly

The Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal, or FAIR, Act effectively bans "private, pre-dispute arbitration," a type of out-of-court legal proceeding that Americans have relied on for almost 100 years.
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell addresses reporters on Wednesday September 18, 2019

Fed’s Rate Cut Signals A Recession May Be Ahead

The Fed lowered its target interest rate by a quarter point on Sept. 18, the second such cut since July – and the first reductions since the Great Recession more than 10 years ago.
Blockchain Tokens

Blockchain’s Growth Doesn’t Have To Be Winner-Take-All

Trying to predict an ultimate victor in a winner-take-all blockchain competition is premised on a false assumption: that “blockchain” is a monolithic concept that will ultimately be dominated by,...
U.S. Constitution

The 28th Amendment Will Move Us Closer To The American Promise

The 2020 elections are predicted to cost more than $10 billion, once again shattering past spending records. Most of this money will come from a tiny portion of Americans, global corporations, some...