Electoral Politics Won't Save Iranians, But Regime Change Will

The candidates faced off in a televised debate on July 1, with Iran's economic woes a key topic of discussion
The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) recently held a three-day summit at its Paris headquarters featuring hundreds of Western lawmakers and policy experts to discuss the future of the Islamic Republic in the wake of its latest presidential election.
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Turkey is vying for instrastructure projects in Africa

Africa Is Ripe For US Business Interest And Investment

The 2024 U.S.-Africa Business Summit. Hosted by the Corporate Council on Africa, the Summit focuses on elevating U.S.-Africa business relations and advocating to shape effective U.S.-Africa trade and investment policies.
Covid-19 killed millions but four years to the day after the WHO declared an international emergency, countries cannot agree a treaty to head off a new pandemic

A Better Way To Fight Future Pandemics

Four years after the emergence of Covid-19, the conversation in global public health has moved on from dealing with an immediate crisis to how we can best prepare for the next pandemic.
Japan's Nippon Steel has agreed to buy US Steel Corp for $14.1 billion, the company said in a statement

China's Rise Justifies Sale Of US Steel

The United States needs allies like Japan to help manufacture steel. If Nippon Steel and U.S. Steel can join forces to become more productive in their collective operations and scale a competitive steel industry, it will benefit the national security of both nations.
This handout picture provided by the office of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei shows him sitting on stage during a meeting with Iranian air force commanders in Tehran on February 5, 2024

Iran Mired In Khamenei's Political Quagmire

Since its inception in 1979, the theocracy, steeped in election manipulation, fraud, and corruption, has ruthlessly extinguished even the faintest flicker of peaceful political activity.


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