One Year After Attacks, San Bernardino Reflects On Trump

Mixed reactions surfaced in the southern California city over Trump's rhetoric toward Islam and security concerns in the country.

Opioid, Heroin Epidemic Could See Rise In AIDS Transmission

A recently released report showed that most intravenous drug users don't use sterile needles when injecting, one of the main ways HIV is transmitted.

China Lodges Complaint With Washington Over Trump’s Taiwan Call

China urged the U.S. to “to cautiously, properly handle Taiwan issue to avoid unnecessary disturbance to Sino-US relations.”

Norway Urges Predictable Trump Policy On Moscow

Oslo is concerned about Russia’s latest improvements to its defense system, including testing of new missiles and using quieter submarines.
Trump Mattis

Say Hello To Trump’s Military-Industrial Complex

The president-elect’s choice for Defense Secretary, James Mattis, helped lead General Dynamics, a major defense contractor that he'll oversee for the Trump administration.

South Pole Noctilucent Cloud Season Begins Earlier Than Usual

Noctilucent, or night-shining clouds — located roughly 50 miles above the Earth's surface — have long been considered a sort of “canary in a coal mine” for methane.
The Secretary of State is the president's top adviser on all things regarding foreign policy and affairs.

Why Donald Trump's Secretary Of State Pick Is Crucial

Congress inducted the first secretary of state in 1789.


Drop In Jobless Rate Boosts Case For Fed Interest Rate Hike

With unemployment at its lowest level since August 2007 and oil prices surging, analysts peg the chance of a Federal Reserve rate hike in December at nearly 100 percent.

Tired? Here's How To Feel Better Physically

Health conditions such as recovering from surgery, anemia, depression, thyroid issues or pregnancy, can make it difficult to sleep.

Madonna To Auction Personal Photos And More At Miami Benefit

The queen of pop will be hosting a benefit show and auction during Art Basel Miami Beach, where attendees will be able to bid on Madonna's personal artworks and wedding photos.