One-In-Four Emails From Federal Agencies Are Fraudulent

More than one-in-four emails with .gov addresses are fraudulent or unauthorized and the majority of the government has not implemented security standards to protect against it.

Networking Is The Social Safety Net For Millennials

Kelly Hoey, who literally wrote the book on networking, sees the practice as the best bet for young professionals navigating a fast-evolving economy. “We already said, ‘Well, everyone should learn to code,’” the tech investor said. “But machines may do coding for us, so what’s next?”

In Defense Of Cash: Why We Should Bring Back The $500 Note And Other Big Bills

A cashless society depends on three things, all of which have failed in recent weeks as a result of natural disasters and security breaches.

Possible Serial Killer On The Loose In Florida, Police Say

Police in Florida have been searching for a possible serial killer, who is "terrorizing" a Tampa neighborhood after three people were shot and killed in the same vicinity in less than two weeks.

Paleontology Discovery Could Rewrite Human History

A fossilized teeth sample found in Germany confirms the presence of hominins – species closely related to humans – on the continent.

The Evolution Of NASA’s Manned Spacecraft In 5 Photos

Since NASA was founded in 1958, spacecraft technology has dramatically advanced.