Police Reluctant To Help Trump In Deportations

"We have not been approached nor would we be interested in participating in this program," one police official said.

Anthem Is Banking On Trump And Pence To Revive Merger

The health insurance giant looks to its White House connections to reverse a federal judge’s decision blocking the proposed Anthem-Cigna mega-merger.
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Russia Wants To Make Propaganda ‘Smart’

Russian officials said they had set up a mechanism to clamp down on "fake news," but many are unsure if they will flag misinformation spread by the country's propaganda troops.
North Korea sanctions

North Korea Continues Weapons Export Despite UN Sanctions

The news comes amid Kim Jong Un regime's continuous violation of the nuclear weapons program, despite tough U.N. sanctions.

Facts And Myths About Immigration And The Economy

The undocumented immigrants themselves won't be the only people feeling the consequences of Trump's policies.

Driverless, Flying Cars To Debut In Dubai Skies

The car will be able to hold someone up to 220 pounds along with a small carry-on and will have a battery allowing a half-hour flight time for a distance of around 31 miles.


Trump's War Rhetoric Worries US

Nearly two-thirds of adults living in the U.S. are worried that President Donald Trump will enter the nation into a massive military conflict before the end of his first term.

Wall Street Donors Got The Vote They Wanted

Republican lawmakers blocked states from offering low-cost retirement savings plans to workers. The financial industry lobbied against the programs across the country — and poured cash into GOP campaigns.
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Red Dwarfs: The Cradle Of Alien Life?

The recent discovery of seven Earth-sized planets around the nearby red dwarf TRAPPIST-1 bolsters the assertion that objects around these ultra-cool stars may be the best place to look for alien life.

Too Much Rest Could Be A Problem For Older Adults, Study Finds

So how much sleep is enough? It depends on how old you are, according to most medical professionals.