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Oil And Gas Industry Power Shapes Colorado Politics

While the state is investigating a deadly explosion at a home that was just a few hundred feet from an aging oil well, Democratic lawmakers struggle to advance any bill opposed by the oil and gas industry.

No, Marine Le Pen Is Not France’s Donald Trump

From their views of government power to their relationships with Jews and Israel, the two politicians, often thrown into the same far-right, populist bucket, are more different than you might think.

Trump Tax Plan Could Be Huge Gift To Hedge Fund Millionaires

Donald Trump proposed a mechanism that would allow some of the richest Americans to pay a newly-lowered corporate tax rate of just 15 percent.

Trump Hints At 'Major' Conflict With North Korea

President Donald Trump indicated during an interview Thursday there was a possibility of the U.S. engaging in a "major" conflict with North Korea.


Congress Mulling Investigation Into Uber Tracking Practices

After a report that Uber continued to track users after they deleted the Uber app, lawmakers and regulators are considering launching in investigation into the company's practices.

Are Shareholders About To Be Silenced?

A GOP proposal would make it harder for ordinary investors to hold companies accountable for corporate practices that affect climate change, pay equity, government lobbying and other issues.
exoplanet cold Earth

Earth’s Cold Twin Orbits A Faint Star 13,000 Light-Years Away

The exoplanet discovered using a technique called microlensing, is approximately the size of Earth, but is far, far colder.
cosmic web

Quasar Pair Reveals Small-Scale Ripples In Cosmic Web

These observations could provide crucial insights into the scarcely understood reionization phase of the universe, and help understand the events that led to the birth of the first galaxies.