Why The US Can’t Stop Russia From Bombing Syrian Civilians

Although the U.S. has denounced Russia’s killing of innocent civilians, its efforts to convince Russia to back off are failing —mostly because the White House has negligible political leverage.

LIVE: The New Hampshire Primary

Click here for the latest news as voting begins today in New Hampshire, the nation's first primary to decide who will take the White House.

Obama Propses $4.1 Trillion Budget

The budget would largely cover a year in which he will no longer be president, and the plan is unlikely to make it past the Republican-held Congress

Big Changes Are Coming For Twitter

Twitter’s stock swoon is making it a takeover target. Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey is fiddling with the newsfeed in hopes of bringing in new users.

Some GI Bill Benefits Could Take Flight

Congressional leaders want to place a tuition cap on going to flight school under the GI Bill, but veterans’ advocates contend it’s bad for vets and for the aviation industry.

In Ferguson, The Path To Normalcy Sees Much Resistance

A tentatively agreed on consent decree calls for police to participate in programs to foster youth-police relationships, but that may be easier said than done.

Snapchat Won’t Be Able To Save Viacom

The newly minted chairman of the faltering Viacom Inc., Philippe Dauman, seeks to calm choppy investment waters with a new deal. It won’t work.
New Hampshire Voters

New Hampshire Voters Head To The Polls

Presidential candidates make a last minute push for votes as they greet residents in New Hampshire outside polling stations. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Stories, Not Substance, As GOP Talks Drugs

Republican candidates want to end Obamacare, but few have said how New Hampshire's drug abusers would get treatment without it.

Turkish Dramas Sweep Latin America

A region known for exporting its own telenovelas is now importing Turkish soap operas.

Retirees Find Devils In Wall Street’s Details

Pensioners want the FBI to probe whether financial firms are using obscure provisions to siphon millions from state retirement funds.

Death Threats Force Prison Phone CEO Into The Light

Rick Smith, head of Securus Technologies, says his company is helping solve crimes while providing humane access to prisoners. Angry critics claim otherwise.