Robots Are Drivers, Too

In a major milestone for the development of autonomous vehicles in the U.S., a transport regulator said robots can meet the definition of drivers.

Asahi Offers $3.5B For Peroni And Grolsch

The Japanese brewing giant has reportedly offered to buy the two beer brands that SABMiller and AB InBev want to sell to address regulatory concerns.

HSBC Sued Over Drug Gang Killings

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, families of U.S. citizens killed by Mexican drug gangs alleged that the bank let cartels launder billions of dollars to operate their businesses.

LA’s Plan To Tackle Homelessness

City and county officials approved sweeping plans Tuesday to address the crisis in the "homeless capital" of America, where nearly 44,000 people live on the streets.

A Fight For The Democratic Party’s Soul

A funny thing happened on the way to the Democratic convention. What was supposed to be a coronation turned into a struggle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for control of an increasingly liberal party.

Zimbabwe Appeals For Funds To Avert Food Crisis

More than a quarter of the population currently lacks access to food in the country, once known as the "breadbasket of Africa" and now reeling under severe drought.

Can John Kasich Go The Distance?

Although overshadowed by Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has real political assets.
Sanders New Hampshire

Trump, Sanders Win New Hampshire

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump won New Hampshire’s Republican presidential nominating contest, while U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont won the Democratic primary.

Pipeline Project Could Split EU Over Russia

European Union members are facing a controversy over the proposed construction of a natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea and the potential effects on the region.

Trump Victorious In New Hampshire

Five months before the GOP convention, Donald Trump channeled voters’ increasing frustration with the establishment on Tuesday.

Per Vote, Jeb Bush Spent The Most — Again

Trump and Sanders won their New Hampshire primaries with low costs per vote, while Bush and Christie spent big with mixed results.

Retirees Find Devils In Wall Street’s Details

Pensioners want the FBI to probe whether financial firms are using obscure provisions to siphon millions from state retirement funds.

Death Threats Force Prison Phone CEO Into The Light

Rick Smith, head of Securus Technologies, says his company is helping solve crimes while providing humane access to prisoners. Angry critics claim otherwise.