trump hotel

Who’s Spending Money At Trump’s Hotels And Golf Clubs?

A new report details how trade groups, companies, foreign governments, interest groups and political candidates booked rooms or events at properties owned by the president, raising ethics questions that “previously were unimaginable.”
Warren Buffett

Why Warren Buffett’s Bleak Prediction For Cryptocurrencies Is Wrong

The legendary investor amassed a net worth of nearly $90 billion, preaching a long-term buy-and-hold approach. That was a good strategy — a long time ago.

China Is Considering Banning Cryptocurrency Trade

The price of bitcoin, which was almost at $15,200 a week ago, was struggling to stay above $13,000 Tuesday morning after the report emerged from China.

Unregulated Cryptocurrencies Could Trigger Another Financial Crisis

Interest among financial institutions in bitcoin derivatives contracts highlights worrying reminders of the not-too-distant past.
Fluorescent Chameleon

Chameleon Bones Are Fluorescent, Maybe As Ornamentation

Glowing animals are commonplace in the oceans and seas of the world, but very few terrestrial species exhibit any form of visible luminescence.
Two Brothers Mummies

DNA Solves Mystery Of Two Brothers From Ancient Egypt

The mummies of two men, long thought to be brothers — based on inscriptions on their coffins — were discovered over 110 years ago, but their biological relationship was often debated.