Networking Is The Social Safety Net For Millennials

Kelly Hoey, who literally wrote the book on networking, sees the practice as the best bet for young professionals navigating a fast-evolving economy. “We already said, ‘Well, everyone should learn to code,’” the tech investor said. “But machines may do coding for us, so what’s next?”

In Defense Of Cash: Why We Should Bring Back The $500 Note And Other Big Bills

A cashless society depends on three things, all of which have failed in recent weeks as a result of natural disasters and security breaches.
Mars Magnetotail

Mars Has An Invisible Twisted Tail

The magnetic tail trailing behind Mars is unique in the solar system and is twisted by the solar wind, NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has found.

Liquid Metals Used To Create Atom-Thin Oxide Layers

Scientists have created a simple method to make atom-thin oxide layers of many conducting metals. This could change the way electronics are made.