Warren Calls Trump A ‘Threat To The Economy’

The Democratic senator explains why Wall Street backs Hillary Clinton, what should happen to the Wells Fargo CEO, and what she thinks about Obama’s Justice Department.
India army

Military Strengths Add To India-Pakistan Conflict

India and Pakistan both have significant military arsenals and have threatened to utilize them in their growing conflict.
ash carter

US-China Tension Continues To Rise

Defense secretary Ash Carter's remarks about United States' plans to "sharpen our military" come after a heated week in the region over the South China Sea dispute.

Is Donald Trump Avoiding The Press?

The Republican nominee has been tweeting like crazy — but not giving news conferences.

Is Clinton Taking The Black Vote For Granted?

Questions linger over black voters' true satisfaction with the Democratic nominee's track record in advocating for black people.
Peres fam

Shimon Peres Laid To Rest In Jerusalem

The ex-Israeli president and Nobel laureate was laid to rest Friday in front of at least 80 world leaders at the Mount Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem.


India Evacuates Villages On Pakistan Border

India carried out surgical strikes against militants in Pakistan following an attack on one of its military bases. Pakistan has denied the strikes took place.

French Aircraft Carrier Charles De Gaulle Targets ISIS

France joined the U.S.-led coalition to hit Islamic State group strongholds in Iraq and Syria last year after a series of deadly attacks.
Find out what to eat during Rosh Hashanah 2016 celebration.

5 Things To Eat On Rosh Hashanah 2016

These are the dishes that are most likely to be served at all Rosh Hashanah celebrations.
Missy Elliott

The Best Gum For Your Breath And Health

National Chewing Gum day is a time that calls for you to purchase your favorite pack of gum and share it with your friends.