Hillary Clinton, America’s First Woman President?

Clinton has time and again highlighted her historic candidacy as a step forward for all women.

Apple Shifts Down A Gear On Electric Car Plan

The technology company is moving its focus away from plans to manufacture an electric vehicle and is instead working on self-driving software, according to a Bloomberg report.

James Bond’s Home May Be Sold For $425M

Pinewood Studios, on London's outskirts, has been used for shooting several 007 films, as well as some scenes for the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises, among others.

Meet America’s Newest Political Term: ‘Trumpism’

American politics has a new word to add to its lexicon. It's a hashtag and a trending topic, but it's still being defined.
apollo heart

Apollo Astronauts Face Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

A study published Thursday has found that the lunar astronauts may be more prone to cardiovascular problems because of exposure to deep-space radiation.
A vehicle washed away by flashfloods caused by typhoon Washi lies outside down in Balulang village in Cagayan de Oro in southern Philippines

Major Polluters Accused Of Human Rights Violation

Energy companies, including Shell, BP and Chevron, have been asked to respond to allegations that their carbon emissions violated the rights of millions of people in the Philippines.

Facebook Trounces Estimates With Sharp Ad Sales Growth

The leading social media company’s mobile app and push into video attracted new advertisers and encouraged existing ones to spend more.

lara croft

Are Video Games Less Sexist Now?

A study by Indiana University has found a dip in the sexualization of female primary characters in video games over the past decade.

Make Money From Your Tumblr Blog

The Yahoo-owned blogging service is introducing ads on users’ blogs starting Thursday, which can also generate revenue for the bloggers.

Justice Department Moves To Block Healthcare Mergers

After drawing concerns about a lack of competition — and an ethics controversy — the Cigna-Anthem proposal will likely fail.
Rio Olympics, Maracana Stadium

After Unrest, Olympics Soon Set To Begin

After a turbulent buildup, the sporting action at the 2016 Rio Olympics is about to begin.

Ambush Marketing Is Unstoppable In Rio

Olympics sponsorships have never been more expensive. So why is the IOC relaxing the rules governing what athletes can promote?