Climate Change Protester

Scientists Hold Rally Against Trump In Boston

The rally included hundreds of scientists and crowds holding signs such as “Stand up for science,” “Science is not a liberal conspiracy,” “Science, not silence” and “Climate change is NOT a controversy."

UK Seeks To Propel First Commercial Rocket Into Space By 2020

Under proposals to be unveiled later this week, British companies could begin launching commercial satellites from home soil for the first time.
uber sexual assault

Former Uber Engineer Alleges Sexual Harassment

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick responded to Susan J. Fowler's allegations by announcing a full and urgent investigation into the matter.
Senate Armed Services Committee

Senators Ask For Preservation Of Materials Related To Russia Probe

The Senate Intelligence Committee sent formal requests to organizations, agencies and individuals, including at the White House, requesting that materials related to the Russian probe be preserved.
Ecuador's Rafael Correa and Lenin Moreno

Ecuador’s Ruling Party Presidential Candidate Leads In Election

With 78.4 percent of the votes counted, Lenin Moreno led with 38.83 percent against right-winger Guillermo Lasso’s 28.63 percent.

Trump Will Pick His National Security Adviser Soon

After retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward turned down the offer Thursday, and former CIA chief David Petraeus was also ruled out, the list has four candidates remaining.

Driverless, Flying Cars To Debut In Dubai Skies

The car will be able to hold someone up to 220 pounds along with a small carry-on and will have a battery allowing a half-hour flight time for a distance of around 31 miles.

rand paul

Paul Advises Against Making Bolton National Security Adviser

The Kentucky senator says he fears if the former U.N. ambassador becomes part of the administration, the U.S. will wind up embroiled in more foreign wars.
swedish immigrants

Incident? What Incident?

President Trump said there had been a serious incident in Sweden Friday night involving immigrants. A former Swedish prime minister wants to know what Trump was smoking.

Alien Particles May Be Causing Electronics’ Malfunction

We have all been faced with the exasperating situation when our electronic devices start to act up for no perceptible reason.