clinton trump

Latest Presidential Polls Vary Widely

The election could be a blowout with an estimated 304 electoral votes going to Hillary Clinton and just 204 going to Donald Trump.

‘Lovable Losers’ No More

The Chicago Cubs are heading to the World Series for the first time since 1945.
at&t time warner

AT&T To Acquire Time Warner For $85.4B

The deal was finalized at a meeting of the two boards Saturday, but needs to get the approval of U.S. regulators.
brexit banks

Banks To Relocate Over Brexit?

Before the June referendum, a survey by the British Bankers’ Association showed that a large majority of banks wanted to remain within the European Union.
donald trump

Russia Wants To Get ‘Acquainted’ With US Electoral Procedures

According to several reports, Russian officials were denied permission by Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas to observe the upcoming American elections.
Iraq alcohol

Iraq’s Parliament Votes To Ban Alcohol

The development has angered opponents who argue that the ban violates assurance of religious freedom for minority groups such as Christians.

See New Images From NASA's Maven Mission

New images from NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission show “unprecedented” level of detail from the red planet.


Nanoparticles May Help Fight Breast Cancer

Researchers have found a way to suppress the spread of breast cancer in mice with man-made technologies.

ISIS Executes 284 Civilians In Mosul

The executions reportedly took place at what was once the College of Agriculture, north of Mosul, on Thursday and Friday.

Will Clinton Let Wall Street Control Retirement Savings?

A top Hillary Clinton fundraiser — who may become treasury secretary — has a plan that could turn billions of dollars from payroll taxes into a revenue stream for the financial industry.
Scientist may have discovered a major clue to the many shipwrecks and disappearances surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

Are Clouds To Blame For The Many Bermuda Triangle Mysteries?

Scientists believe hexagonal shaped clouds are responsible for the many shipwrecks and airplanes that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

Why Sky-High Store Brand Credit Card Rates May Go Up

After the Federal Reserve hiked its federal funds rate target by 0.25 percent in December 2015, branded credit card interest rates rose by 0.41 percent.