Trump’s Net Worth Plunges $800M In A Year

According to Forbes, the “softening” of the New York property market was a reason for the slump in the Republican presidential nominee’s wealth to $3.7 billion.
Duterte U.S. war games

Duterte Says October Philippines-US War Games The Last

Speaking during an official visit to Vietnam, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also ruled out the joint navy patrol between the two countries in the South China Sea.

India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ Inside Pakistan

Pakistan denied the claims, calling the incident from Wednesday night an “illusion” and a “quest by Indian establishment to create media hype.”

Tech Giants Announce ‘Partnership On AI’

The non-profit organization will aim to advance the public’s understanding of Artificial Intelligence technologies and debate concerns.

Spotify Launches In Japan

The music-streaming service will face stiff competition, not just from a popular rival app but also from older technology such as CDs and even vinyl records.
aleppo slaughterhouse

Aleppo Bombings Leave Over 90 Kids Dead

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called the continuous bombings targeting hospitals “war crimes,” and remarked that the Syrian city had become worse than a “slaughterhouse.”
ban on pangolin trade

Over 180 Nations Approve Ban On Pangolin Trade

Over a million of the nocturnal, slow-moving creatures were poached for their meat and unique scales in the last decade for Chinese and Vietnamese markets.

Spotify Has A New Feature That's The Opposite Of Discover Weekly

Spotify's new Daily Mix feature is a way to keep casual listeners engaged by automatically creating playlists that are made up of songs they already know and love.


UN To Launch Its First Space Mission In 2021

The aim of the mission is to ensure that countries that do not have their own space program get an opportunity to fly payloads to low-Earth orbits.

3D Printing Can Help Mend Bones

The hyperelastic bone material developed by Northwestern University researchers induces natural regeneration and growth of bones inside the body.

Citigroup Predicts Clinton Election Will Preserve Status Quo

The bank, whose donors have funded the Democrat's campaign, says the election will not result in real policy change — but could coincide with a recession.

When Should You Apply To College?

Break down the complicated college application process by accomplishing a few key tasks every month.