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Clinton Widens Lead Among Young Voters

In a recent poll, Hillary Clinton has continued to lead Donald Trump among likely voters between the ages of 18 and 29.
Donald Trump

Most Coverage Of Trump Campaign Is Negative

Nearly all of the coverage of the Donald Trump campaign on broadcast network news has been negative.

Trump Warns About 2020

"[In] four years it's over. It's over. In four years you don’t have a chance," Trump told a rally.

Mormon Church Says You Can Be Both Gay and Mormon

The new website’s home page featured videos of gay and lesbian people describing how being Mormon allowed them to find fulfillment in life without entering same sex marriages.
Weapons, Guns

Interpol Operation Seizes 300 Weapons

An Interpol operation has seized a massive number of weapons, although it makes just a tiny dent in the global firearms trade.

South Sudan Frees 145 Child Soldiers

That figure pales in comparison to the number of those who remain fighting for groups in opposition of the government there.

Oil Ministers Say End To Depressed Prices Near

Oil prices could rise to near $60 a barrel by the end of next year.


Denver Officials Accused Of Violating Rights Of Homeless

The homeless people of Denver have united for a class action lawsuit against the city for violating their civil rights.

College Costs Increase (Again)

The spikes may seem small, but they can make a big difference for students and families, according to the College Board.

Record Shark Attacks Around The World Frighten Tourists

While shark attacks are generally rare, several attacks in recent months reported from Australia to North Carolina have stirred up fears among some ocean-goers.

Top Secret Nazi Military Base Discovered

A military base used by Hitler was discovered by scientists more than 70 years after it was abandoned.