Trump and Ryan

Last-Minute Tax Break Could Enrich Trump And GOP Leaders

The new tax break — slipped into the final bill — specifically benefits people who own large real estate holdings through LLCs and partnerships, experts said.
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What We Talk About When We Talk About Lobbying

Critics of the Republican tax bill charge that the legislation was crafted by lobbyists. But what does that really mean? A lobbying expert breaks down the lobbying sector and its influence.
California Flag

Cyber Criminals Are Holding California Voter Database For Ransom

A database containing files on registered voters in California was left exposed online, resulting in the database being stolen and used to extort the state government.

Japanese Monkeys Have Repeated 'Sexual Interactions' With Deer

An analysis of a footage of Japanese macaques climbing onto the backs of sika deer and thrusting their pelvis showed researchers the interaction was sexual in nature.

What Greenland Would Look Like Without Ice

The video/animation published this week on YouTube provides scientists with an in-depth simulation of a scenario where there is no ice on Greenland.