Obama To Create World’s Largest Protected Area

The U.S. president will increase the size of Hawaii’s Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, which is already bigger than all the other national parks in the country put together.
MH370 search

Inquiry Into Search Operation Unlikely, Australia Says

Authorities believe that the multimillion-dollar search for Flight MH370 in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean will be completed by December.

WhatsApp Starts Sharing Data With Facebook

The announcement Thursday is ostensibly meant to benefit users, but if you have privacy concerns, you have only one month to opt out.

Cuomo Challenges GE On Hudson Cleanup

Under pressure, the New York governor's administration reverses course and now says the company has not fixed the problem.

NASA’s Juno To Fly Closest To Jupiter On Saturday

During Saturday’s flyby, Juno will have all of its science instruments activated and looking at Jupiter while zooming past the planet.

Are Biofuels Bad For The Climate?

A new study published Thursday makes the unconventional claim that “rising biofuel use has been associated with a net increase” in carbon dioxide emissions.
JOHNSTOWN, NY - AUGUST 19: Rows of cannabis plants grow in the twenty thousand square foot greenhouse at Vireo Health's medical marijuana cultivation facility, August 19, 2016 in Johnstown, New York

Arkansas May Vote On Legal Weed Proposal On November Ballott

Arkansans hoping to vote for legalized medical marijuana may be waiting even longer than they already have if a group of non-supporters have it their way.

Samsung And Tencent Grab Tech Spotlight In Asia

South Korea's Samsung and China's Tencent are pushing forward into the global tech limelight with stock prices sitting around record highs. As correspondent Tara Joseph reports, both firms have launched successful products in a crowded and competitive sector.


Why You Should Update Your iPhone — Now

Without the update, an Israeli spy company has access to your passwords, texts and location.

Was There ‘Pay To Play’ At The Clinton Foundation?

Newly released emails brought fresh attention to the intersection of foundation fundraising and policies pushed by the Hillary Clinton-led State Department. Here's what's been reported so far.

17 Facts For The National Parks' 100th

Did you know there are 59 national parks?