DREAMers' Tuition Could Skyrocket Under Trump

Tuition rates for residents are, on average, $10,000 cheaper than those for non-residents. But accessing the discount might be difficult for undocumented immigrants living in Donald Trump's America.
Donald Trump

Will A Hedge Fund Manager Run The FDA For Trump?

Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel wants Donald Trump to make Jim O'Neill, who has financial ties to the healthcare industry, the new head of the FDA.

Voters Confident Trump Cabinet Will Bring Change

A poll released Wednesday shows voters believe President-elect Donald Trump can "drain the swamp."

Trump Latest Opponent Is An Indiana Labor Leader

The president-elect has engaged in a war of words with Chuck Jones, president of a local United Steelworkers union.

Marine Le Pen Wants To Bar Migrants From Free Public Schooling

Marine Le Pen, the president of the far-right Front National and a possible future president of France, proposed blocking undocumented immigrants' access to France's welfare benefits.
Germany refugees

German Politicians Told To Move To Africa Over Planned Mosque

A far-right party in Germany has told local politicians they should move to Africa if they give the go-ahead to construct a mosque in the city of Hachenburg.

Final Decision Reached Regarding Completion Of Dakota Access Pipeline

After months of protests in North Dakota, a final decision has been handed down regarding the completion of the controversial pipeline.

More police officers have been shot and killed in 2016 than 2015.

More Police Are Getting Shot While On Duty

So far in 2016, 24 more officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty than in 2015.

Most Transgender People Avoid Public Restrooms

The largest group of transgender people in the United States ever surveyed found that 60 percent avoided public restrooms.

The Lobbying Campaign Behind Trump's Taiwan Phone Call

President-elect Donald Trump broke diplomatic protocol and spoke directly to the president of Taiwan. He may have done so at the urging of well-paid lobbyists.

Solar Power Is In The Black

The carbon costs to create solar panels has been made up for in clean energy, study finds.

Anheuser-Busch Launches Global Smart Drinking Goals Initiative In Columbus, Ohio

The brewer aims to tackle underage drinking, binge drinking and drunk driving as part of its new Global Smart Drinking Goals initiative.