A Democratic Lawmaker Went Inside ALEC And Heard A Lot About Changing The Constitution

Wisconsin state representative Chris Taylor attended ALEC’s annual conference to find out what bills Corporate America is pushing — and she told IBT why the group wants a new constitutional convention.

A $34 Million Gift For Aetna

New York Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are giving the insurance giant millions in tax breaks to persuade the company to move its headquarters. Does this kind of deal benefit taxpayers?

Is Verizon Violating Net Neutrality Rules?

Verizon is being accused of throttling video services including Netflix on its mobile network, and Free Press is asking the FCC to investigate.

How The Human Brain Will Make Robots Smarter

If neuroscientists work with the programmers of artificial intelligence, they could thrust AI technology forward and change the way we understand the human brain.

What Are The Weirdest Things Ever Launched Into Space?

NASA and other space authorities have launched some bizarre things into space in the last few decades, everything from a Buzz Lightyear figurine to a drawing of a penis.

De Blasio Fundraisers Benefit From Manhattan Rezoning

The Midtown East proposal will allow higher skyscrapers — which means higher revenue for the New York real estate developers who collected donations for the mayor in the names of their wives and other family members.

The Hidden Bones Of A Historic Fossil Have Been Found

Paleontologists dug up the bones of one of the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived after a team in the 1930s missed a bunch of the fossil’s pieces.
Gene editing

Should Human Embryos Be Genetically Edited?

Research in the field of genetic modifications of human embryos has always been deemed controversial, with scientists having conflicting views.