Another 5-Year Term For Myanmar’s Army Chief

The move will strengthen Min Aung Hlaing’s position in the on-going negotiations with the leader of National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, over the terms of transition.

China’s Underground Banking Transactions Rose To $152B In 2015

The country’s foreign exchange regulator, which identified over 60 underground banks, also asked legal financial institutions to be more vigilant of any suspicious activities.

Russian PM Says West Renewed ‘New Cold War’

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the sanctions against Moscow and military activities near the Russian border “only aggravate” tensions between the two sides.

US Deploys Additional Patriot Missiles In South Korea

The deployment comes ahead of talks next week to set up an even more sophisticated U.S. missile defense system in South Korea.

Religious Leaders Bridge East-West Divide

The meeting between the Roman Catholic pope and the Russian Orthodox patriarch was a historic moment in the 1,000-year-long Great Schism dividing Christianity.

How CBS (Yes, CBS) Became The Future Of TV

Make all the “old viewer­” jokes you want: Thanks to its resurrection, the Tiffany Network will be around long after you’re dead and buried.

The High Points Of Presidential Politics

Donald Trump and his GOP rivals again may have a chance to express their views on the legalization and medical use of marijuana at their debate Saturday.
Gravitational Waves

What Are Gravitational Waves?

Scientists for the first time have detected gravitational waves, phenomena first hypothesized by physicist Albert Einstein a century ago.

The High Cost Of Cheap Fashion

Like drugs, inexpensive clothes get consumers hooked. But the woman behind the #30Wears campaign says higher-quality apparel may be better for your budget.

Should Hillary Clinton Worry About Nevada?

Her campaign appears concerned about the Silver State, where data show Bernie Sanders may pose a growing threat in the Democratic presidential-nomination caucuses Feb. 20.

Campaigning For The Democratic Party’s Soul

What was supposed to be a coronation turned into a battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for control of an increasingly liberal party.

The Rise And Fall Of ‘Boomtown, USA’

A recent oil rush — and the accompanying avalanche of money — has reshaped Williston, North Dakota. But what becomes of a boomtown as crude prices collapse?