Social Media Give Super Bowl Advertisers An Early Lead

Brands that don’t get their spots in front of Super Bowl watchers ahead of the game are potentially missing a valuable opportunity.

Looking Abroad For Capital, Russia Considers Bond Issuance

It would be the first since the country faced U.S. and EU sanctions following its involvement in Crimea.

GOP Debate Silent On Wall Street

The Republican candidates once again ignored the subject that has been dominating the Democratic race.

Norway Oil Fund Urges US CEO-Chairman Split

The 2008 U.S. banking crisis highlighted the dangers of having one person hold both positions.

Clinton Calls Flint Water Crisis 'Personal'

Speaking in the Michigan city, she said Flint “is not the only place where children are being harmed by what they breathe and what they drink.”

ISIS Executioner Jihadi John's Accomplices Revealed

The terrorist trio from London gained infamy from their Islamic State propaganda videos, including beheadings.

Peyton Manning's Enduring Brand

The Denver Broncos' starting quarterback is rumored to be near retirement. Despite HGH allegations, he could be a sponsorship star well after he hangs up his cleats.
Puppy Bowl XII

Video: Behind The Scenes At The 12th Annual Puppy Bowl

More than 80 puppies pawed their way to New York to be a part of the taping of Puppy Bowl XII to be shown on Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2016 starting at 3p ET, and repeating for 12 hours.

Sanders Won’t Demand Clinton Transcripts

The senator said Sunday it would “be a positive thing” for her to release transcripts of her lucrative Wall Street speeches, but he wouldn't demand it.

China’s Foreign Exchange Reserve Hits 4-Year Low

The drop in January was just slightly lower than the fall of $107.9 billion in December, the biggest on record.

Pay This Fee, Or Go To Jail

Police departments around the U.S. are using license plate scanners to find scofflaws or criminals. Some are also letting the device suppliers slap drivers with mandatory fees.

Why They Joined ISIS

Caught in a desperate situation, two Iraqi men turned to the Islamic State group for money and a sense of belonging, only to be imprisoned by Kurdish security forces.