How Millennial Delegates Crowdsourced The Convention

Delegates at the 2016 DNC paid thousands for their rooms and travel. For young people that was a harder task than others.
Bill O'Reilly

Shonda Rhimes Blasts Bill O'Reilly Over Slavery Comments

Bill O'Reilly said that the slaves that helped build the White House were "well-fed" while fact checking Michelle Obama's DNC speech.

Bill Clinton Hails ‘Change-Maker’ Hillary

The former president backed Hillary Clinton in an extremely personal speech after she won the Democratic nomination, becoming the first woman to run for president from a major political party.

Why Investors Are Still Betting On iPhone’s Success

Apple’s profits in the June quarter fell 27 percent. However, the company beat analysts’ expectations for iPhone sales, helping buoy its stock price.
als ice bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge Funds ALS Gene Discovery

The challenge, which took the internet by storm in 2014, has helped fund a research breakthrough, the ALS Association said Monday.
Everyone is taller than a 100 years ago

Dutch Men, Latvian Women Tallest In The World

A study found that men and women are taller today than they were 100 years ago, with South Korean women and Iranian men witnessing the biggest increase in height over this period.
SABMiller Beer

Bigger Beer Bid: Anheuser-Busch InBev Raises Offer For SABMiller

Anheuser-Busch InBev raises its $100 billion-plus bid for rival brewer SABMiller after a slide in the value of the pound following the Brexit vote made the offer less attractive for many investors, threatening to derail the deal.


Cockroach Milk A New Superfood?

Scientists found that the Pacific beetle cockroach produces a liquid food for its larvae that is unusually rich in protein, fat and sugar.
human embryos

‘Enhanced’ Humans? No Thanks, Say Americans

According to a Pew survey, most American adults have serious misgivings about using gene editing, brain chips and synthetic blood for human enhancement.

Justice Department Moves To Block Healthcare Mergers

After drawing concerns about a lack of competition — and an ethics controversy — the Cigna-Anthem proposal will likely fail.
Rio Olympics, Maracana Stadium

After Unrest, Olympics Soon Set To Begin

After a turbulent buildup, the sporting action at the 2016 Rio Olympics is about to begin.

Ambush Marketing Is Unstoppable In Rio

Olympics sponsorships have never been more expensive. So why is the IOC relaxing the rules governing what athletes can promote?