Ephemerisle founder Patri Friedman

Party Like A Bitcoin Rock Star

Ephemerisle, a free California festival described as “Burning Man on water,” is a favorite with the cryptocurrency community.
Locky Ransomware

Ransomware Victims Have Paid $25 Million Since 2014

A study conducted by Google and university researchers found ransomware victims have paid more than $25 million since 2014.

Daily Vlogger Earns Millions

Jake Paul may have been dropped by Disney, but his thriving YouTube channel means he’s not struggling financially.

What Are The Weirdest Things Ever Launched Into Space?

NASA and other space authorities have launched some bizarre things into space in the last few decades, everything from a Buzz Lightyear figurine to a drawing of a penis.

Missile Stocks Soar, Guns Slump Under Trump

The U.S. stock market has seen a major boom since Donald Trump was elected, with the private prison, defense, finance and materials industries making big gains. Gun manufacturers and coal companies, however, have seen better days.

How Many Rogue Planets Wander The Universe?

Rogue planets wander the galaxy without a star to orbit, and now we have an idea how many of these homeless objects are around us.
melt ponds NASA

NASA Is Measuring Sea Ice Melt In The Arctic Via Plane

NASA is examining melt ponds and lakes in the Arctic to learn more about sea ice melt.