With Billions Of Dollars At Stake, A Panel Full Of Defense Contractors Is Shaping Defense Policy

Employees of Lockheed, GE and Boeing — which have given $2.2 million to members of the House Armed Services Committee — now sit on a panel tasked with rewriting how the Defense Department purchases military equipment and services.
Profile Picture Guard

Facebook's New Tool Guards Profile Pictures

Facebook's new tool is being called as the "profile picture guard," for it prevents others from copying, saving or taking screenshots of user's profile pictures.

Using Bitcoin To Buy Marijuana Could Risk The Future Of Cryptocurrency

It's not out of the question that bitcoin could grow as a bridge between the consumer and weed industry, but that comes with a number of concerns.

Stephen Hawking Says Light Will Help Us Travel To Colonize Planets

A spaceship riding on a light beam could be the next Mayflower, says Stephen Hawking, carrying us to human colonies on other planets faster than rockets can.
mars rover 2020

AI Could End Up Controlling Future NASA Missions

Artificial intelligence could end up running NASA missions in deep space.