Trying To Solve A Mystery After Nearly Two Years

Next week, U.S. scientists and engineers will join Chinese, Dutch and Australian investigators in seeking the remains of a Malaysian passenger jet.

Death Toll Rises After Taiwan Quake

Damage from Saturday's magnitude-6.4 temblor in the city of Tainan included the collapse of a 17-story apartment building.

Obama Takes A Bow As Jobless Rate Falls

January marked "the first time the unemployment rate has dipped below 5 percent in almost eight years,” the president said. “Americans are working.”

There’s A New Go-To Site For Super Bowl Ads

Facebook News Feed has surpassed YouTube as the top online spot for viewing commercials created for the NFL's biggest game.

Fast Food In Hospitals? Doctors Disapprove

A physicians group's ad campaign in 20 U.S. cities targets medical facilities that welcome Chick-fil-A, McDonald's and other chains on their premises.

When An App Cuts Your Wages

Uber’s move last month to reduce fares was designed to aid an aggressive expansion plan. But instead it has triggered a driver backlash.

Stock Plunge Costs LinkedIn Billions

The social media company saw its share price fall by 44 percent Friday, reducing the company's value by about $10 billion.

Economic Blues Hit China’s Workers

There is little Lunar New Year cheer for China’s migrant workers as the country’s economic slowdown takes its toll.

8 Years Later, ‘Hope’ Artist Feels The Bern

Artist Shepard Fairey, creator of the famous “Hope­” poster in support of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, explains why he now supports Sen. Bernie Sanders.

How A Recluse Uncovered Massive Surveillance

“Truth and Power,” airing Friday on Pivot, tells the story of Daniel Rigmaiden, a hacker who discovered police use of StingRay spyware.

Pay This Fee, Or Go To Jail

Police departments around the U.S. are using license plate scanners to find scofflaws or criminals. Some are also letting the device suppliers slap drivers with mandatory fees.

Why They Joined ISIS

Caught in a desperate situation, two Iraqi men turned to the Islamic State group for money and a sense of belonging, only to be imprisoned by Kurdish security forces.