Why Startups Are Raising Cryptocurrency

One of the hottest trends among high-tech startups is using cryptocurrency to fundraise, a process called initial coin offerings. Some argue it could replace venture capital altogether. So what's the deal with tokenized investing?

Flynn To Invoke Fifth Amendment

Michael Flynn invoked the right against self-incrimination in declining to produce documents related to the Senate's investigation into Russia.

Seth Rich Conspiracy Theories Re-Emerge

Kim Dotcom Friday claimed late Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer was Wikileaks source who aided in leaking DNC emails ahead of 2016 Democratic National Convention.
Padlock on Bank Cards

Russian Hackers Used Android Malware To Steal From Bank Customers

Hackers in Russia targeted domestic bank customers and stole funds from their accounts using Android malware. The group intended to target bank customers in France and other western countries before being arrested.
Mark Fields

Ford Motors' CEO Mark Fields Ousted

Former Steelcase chief Jim Hackett, head of Ford Smart Mobility LLC Subsidiary, will replace Fields.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mocks Trump's Saudi Arabia Speech

Trump isolated Iran during his speech on "Islamic terrorism" in Saudi Arabia and it has not gone down well with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

North Korea Developing Missiles 'Faster Than Expected'

North Korean officials confirmed Sunday's missile test launch was "successful in flight."


New Zealand Could Launch Rockets Into Space Every Week

New Zealand is hoping to send a rocket into space every week, carrying satellites into low-Earth orbit and joining the other countries that have launched into the atmosphere.

Mouse Sperm In Space Paves The Way For Future Humans To Give Birth On Mars

The sperm successfully created healthy offspring after surviving nine months on the International Space Station.