Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

How Social Media Reacted To Presidential Debate

Donald Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton over her email controversy and her support for trade deals, whereas Clinton condemned her rival’s sexist remarks and his bankruptcies.

Lester Holt Fact-Checks Donald Trump On Iraq

The moderator for the first presidential debate fact-checked the Republican nominee after Trump insisted that he had been against the war since the beginning.

Clinton Wins The First Debate

Trump sought to portray himself as a successful businessman with fresh ideas who would lead the U.S. to new levels of economic prosperity and security.
FBI crime stats

Violent Crimes In US On The Rise

The FBI’s annual report, Crime in the United States, released Monday found that murders and non-negligent manslaughter significantly jumped by 10.8 percent in 2015.
trump-clinton picture

Goldman Sachs To Investors: Trump Or Clinton? No Worries

The Wall Street mega-bank predicts that markets could become more volatile as the election tightens — but says there's still money to be made.

Civil Rights Museum Denies Trump Visit

The co-founder of the museum said Trump seemed to want to "exploit the legacy of the people who sacrificed for racial justice."
clinton, trump

Trump-Clinton Race Tightening

Though 80 percent of voters say they won't change their minds, they plan to watch Monday's presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Saudi Arms Deal Pushes General Dynamics Stock To Record Close

A day after the U.S. Senate moved forward a $1.15 billion arms package to Saudi Arabia, weapons supplier General Dynamics had its best day ever on Wall Street.