A $34 Million Gift For Aetna

New York Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are giving the insurance giant millions in tax breaks to persuade the company to move its headquarters. Does this kind of deal benefit taxpayers?
obama clinton

‘The Democratic Party Is In Deep Trouble’

The author of "What's the Matter With Kansas" says Democrats' Wall Street fealty has destroyed their party's ability to successfully challenge Donald Trump and Republicans.

Is Trump Administration Anti LGBT?

The Department of Justice filed a brief Wednesday saying the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect gay workers.

Scaramucci Pledges 'Dramatic Steps' To End White House Leaks

While it has just been a week that he assumed office, the White House communications director is already grabbing headlines because of his statements and deleted tweets.

What Are The Weirdest Things Ever Launched Into Space?

NASA and other space authorities have launched some bizarre things into space in the last few decades, everything from a Buzz Lightyear figurine to a drawing of a penis.

Missile Stocks Soar, Guns Slump Under Trump

The U.S. stock market has seen a major boom since Donald Trump was elected, with the private prison, defense, finance and materials industries making big gains. Gun manufacturers and coal companies, however, have seen better days.
Gene editing

Should Human Embryos Be Genetically Edited?

Research in the field of genetic modifications of human embryos has always been deemed controversial, with scientists having conflicting views.
Artificial Intelligence

AI Taking Over? Google Working On Giving Bots Imagination

Artificial intelligence will soon be able to make plans for the future and reason through decisions.