Hillary Clinton

Was There ‘Pay To Play’ At The Clinton Foundation?

Newly released emails brought fresh attention to the intersection of foundation fundraising and policies pushed by the Hillary Clinton-led State Department. Here's what's been reported so far.

A Better Battery For Electric Cars, Not From Tesla

New battery technology developed by scientists at the Ohio State University could give vehicles more miles for every minute of charging.
GUANGZHOU, CHINA - JUNE 21: An adult female mosquito is seen uder a microscope at the Sun Yat-Sen University-Michigan University Joint Center of Vector Control for Tropical Disease on June 21, 2016 in Guangzhou, China.

Zika Images Show Severe Brain Damage In Fetuses

A new medical report revealed the clearest depiction to date of how severely the Zika virus damages the brain of a fetus.
antarctic melt

Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf Is Living On Borrowed Time

A new survey has revealed that the shelf, whose neighbours Larsen A and B collapsed in 1995 and 2002 respectively, has a huge crack spreading across its surface.

"Forza Horizon 3"

'Forza Horizon 3' Manual Reveals New Details About Cars, Modes And More

"Forza Horizon 3" will tout a ton of new features at release, and we have fresh details about a few of them. Click here to learn how Horizon Edition cars and street racing fundamentally change how the game is played!
No Man's Sky

'No Man's Sky' Fans Try To Prove The Game Released With No Multiplayer In Mind

"No Man's Sky" multiplayer was controversial shortly after launch, and some fans still have an ax to grind. Here are three arguments that strive to prove how the game released with no multiplayer in mind!

Did Clinton Foundation Sway Arms Policy?

Newly released emails show a donor reached out to Hillary Clinton before her State Department approved increased arms exports.
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8 Things To Know About St. Rose of Lima

Aug. 23 marks the feast day of St. Rose of Lima, the patron saint of Peru and Latin America. Here eight things to know.