How Robotics Is Helping Military Veterans With Prosthetics

The tragedy of war has pushed prosthetics researchers to work ever harder to help service members and veterans who have lost limbs.

Trump Calls Calls Fake News Kushner-Russia Contact Controversy

In an early morning tweetstorm, Donald Trump gave his nine-day foreign trip short shrift and complained the media didn't pay enough attention to the GOP special election victory in Montana.
Medical systems

Medical Device Makers Expect Attacks Within Next Year

A recent survey found that a majority of medical device manufacturers believe their devices will be the target of a cyberattack within the next year.

How Gary Cohn Could Sell US Infrastructure To Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs wants to buy U.S. infrastructure, and the bank's former president is the Trump administration official in charge of privatizing public assets.
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Unprecedented Volume Causes Bitcoin Exchange Outage

The prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, XRP and ether all skyrocketed this week. Coinbase said the rush of traffic and trading caused outages across its bitcoin exchange.
Manchester Arena bombing

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Manchester Bombing

Even before the Islamic State (ISIS) group took responsibility for the attack, Twitter accounts affiliated with the terrorist organization sent out celebratory messages.


Montana Political Insider Explains Greg Gianforte's Alleged Attack On Journalist

IBT sat down with a longtime Montana political operative and adviser to the state's governor to understand how Greg Gianforte's alleged assault on a journalist could impact Thursday's election.
Trump and Macron

Did Trump Really Back Macron For French President?

Trump congratulated Macron for his ‘tremendous victory’ as the two world leaders met for the first time over lunch at the U.S. embassy in Brussels on Thursday.

Volcanoes On Jupiter’s Moon Io Make Auroras

Jupiter has such powerful auroras because they come from volcanoes erupting on its moon Io, rather than the sun’s storms that create northern lights on planet Earth.