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Ending DACA Would Cost Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars

Democrats seemed likely to hold the line on a government funding bill unless it extends a program protecting residents who were brought to the U.S. as children by their undocumented parents. Deporting the “Dreamers” will cost the economy hundreds of billions of dollars.
US Capitol Hill

How Much Would A Government Shutdown Cost?

Lawmakers were scrambling on Thursday to avoid a government shutdown. The previous one cost taxpayers billions.
Newsweek servers // DA raid

Manhattan DA Raids Newsweek Media Group Office In Long-Running Probe

The probe was likely looking at loans the company took out to purchase the servers. The investigation has been ongoing for at least 17 months, said a source.
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Fed Study Bolsters Critics Of Free Trade Deals

Analysis by government researchers finds that trade-ravaged locales saw big increases in mortgage debt — which may have exacerbated the housing crisis.
Sun & Mercury

The Sun Is Losing Mass, Gravitational Pull

A team of researchers from NASA and Massachusetts Institute of Technology studied changes in the orbit of Mercury to determine the rate at which solar mass is being lost.

4,500-Year-Old Structures, Metal-Work Found Beneath Greek 'Pyramid' Island

Archaeologists found evidence of drainage tunnels and sophisticated metal-work on the promontory of Dhaskalio, which was linked to the Cycladic island of Keros by a narrow causeway.