Defense Intelligence Agency

US Military Threatens To Send Malware Back At Attackers

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency is planning to retaliate against attackers by re-engineering malware and sending it back at malicious actors.
Charlie Lee

Meet Charlie Lee, Inventor Of Litecoin Cryptocurrency

Litecoin is cheap and fast enough for daily purchases. Lee's goal: To retain some of bitcoin’s security features without all of its bulk.

NASA Moon Camera To Take Earth’s Photo During Solar Eclipse

During the total solar eclipse that is sweeping through the United States today, NASA’s moon camera will turn toward Earth.
USS Fitzgerald

USS John S McCain Collision To Weaken Missile Defense Shield

Damage to two destroyers within two months in Asian waters will deplete the ballistic-missile defenses of the Japan-based Seventh Fleet against North Korea.

Your Phone Might Be Hacked, Because Of Your New Display

According to a new study, chips inside replacement smartphone parts can be used to hack smartphones.