When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Start Lobbying

In a new study, researchers quantify the way firms respond to political risks. The results may scare proponents of a government free of private sector influence.
Smart City

5G And Smart Cities: Why The Data Standard Is Important

The existence of a vast connected network using the Internet of Things (IoT) is dependent on faster data speeds.

File-Sharing Site Bolt Hacked, 995,000 Accounts Exposed

File sharing networks have been a target for hackers since at least 2004. Bolt is only the latest victim.

Can An Uptick In Sales Save Tesla?

Elon Musk's brainchild is counting on a pickup in auto and residential solar panel sales to pick up the tab for his company's exorbitant expenditures.
Apollo 17 Conspiracy Theory

Another ‘Proof’ Apollo 17 Didn’t Land On The Moon

A video posted Thursday on YouTube about the 1972 landing analyzes a photograph from the last crewed mission to the moon, and conspiracy theorists are excited.

350% Interest Rate? Senators Bankrolled By Payday Lenders Can Live With That

Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, who introduced a bill deregulating the payday loan market, is a top recipient of campaign cash from the industry, which has also engaged in considerable lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Microscopic Tape Recorder Made From Bacteria

The researchers modified an ordinary laboratory strain of the ubiquitous Escherichia coli, enabling the bacteria to not only record their interactions with the environment but also time-stamp the events.
Dolly Radiograph

Nothing Abnormal About Cloned Sheep Dolly’s Osteoarthritis

Ever since Dolly was euthanized in 2003, there had been concerns that cloned animals were prone to early onset of age-related diseases.