Colorado Governor Used Taxpayer Dollars To Hire Amazon’s Lobbyist

As Amazon awaits bids from cities and states hoping to house its new headquarters — and lavish the company with subsidies and tax credits — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper hired the e-commerce giant's lobbyist.
Cyber Security

Organizations Can't Afford Not To Patch Security Vulnerabilities

Three of the largest cyber attacks of 2017 all occurred because organizations failed to install security patches—and more will happen if they continue to be negligent.
IceCube Observatory

Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space Could Have Neutrino Connection

The IceCube observatory in Antarctica, the world’s most sensitive neutrino detector currently, will start investigating fast radio bursts.
Hubble Photo Of The Early Universe

Nearby Dwarf Galaxy Is Flashback To Early Universe

Located about 600 million light-years away in the constellation Lynx, J0811+4730 has the least oxygen for any known star-forming galaxy.