Kremlin Mum On McMaster Appointment

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Trump's choice for national security adviser, is viewed as a "hawk" when it comes to Russia.

Trump To Send All Border Crossers To Mexico

President Donald Trump’s move would almost certainly create conflict with the Mexican government.
life expectancy

Is US Failing In Terms Of Life Expectancy?

The country is expected to fall behind Chile in terms of average life expectancy by 2030, a new study showed.

In California, Severe Flooding Leaves Residents Swimming In Streets

The rain rose suddenly Tuesday in San Jose, home to 1 million people, sending streams of water into homes and vehicles.

Snapchat IPO To Make Founders Billionaires Overnight

Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, co-founders of the company now called Snap Inc., are in for a windfall when the shares start trading publicly in about a week.
clinton email

Federal Judge Blocks Access To Redacted Hillary Clinton Emails

The judgment denying access to State Department concluded that none of the redacted emails suggested any “hints of nefarious government action or motive in responding to that conduct.”

Driverless, Flying Cars To Debut In Dubai Skies

The car will be able to hold someone up to 220 pounds along with a small carry-on and will have a battery allowing a half-hour flight time for a distance of around 31 miles.

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton Demands President Condemn Jewish Threats

The former secretary of state and presidential candidate said "everyone must speak out" about rising anti-Semitism, starting with President Trump.

RNC Sets Record With $19.8M Raised After Election

The Republican National Committee raised a personal best of $19.8 million in January.

Excessive Speaking, Long Stories Could Be Sign Of Alzheimer’s

New research found the loss of language later in life could be an early sign of dementia.