Trump's Approval Rating Tanks

A Gallup poll released Monday found 36 percent of the American public approved of the job Trump was doing.

Trump's Border Wall Plan Faces Hurdles

After moving on from his campaign promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare, Trump's next failure could be fast approaching.

ICE Raid Shooting Victim Was Wrong Person, Lawyer Says

A spokesman for ICE said ICE Homeland Security Investigations agents had an arrest warrant and burst into the home.

ISIS Is Nearly Bankrupt, Says Iraqi Official

After attacks from the U.S. and Iraqi forces, the Islamic State has lost ground in Iraq — and it's lost money, too.

US Munitions Could Not Have Blown Up Mosul Building

The top U.S. commander in Iraq said its March 17 airstrike in Mosul could have been a combination of ISIS' improvised explosive devices.

Another Government Shutdown Could Be Looming

In light of the rampant opposition to many of Trump's spending requests, Congress could be looking at a repeat of the 2013 shutdown.
Summer Zervos

Trump Lawyer Tries To Block Groping Suit

Attorney Marc Kasowitz claims the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution protects the president from being sued in state court.

The Online Spying War We're All A Part Of

Hundreds of millions of everyday people are caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous, digital spying war – and they may not even know it.

Seeing Mega-Merger Approval, Anthem CEO Talks With Trump

The president talked by phone with the insurance giant's CEO after the company said it is relying on Trump to end regulators' antitrust lawsuit.

Cats May Prefer Humans To Food, Study Says

Cats preferred social activity with humans to eating in a recent study, but that doesn't mean they need people to survive.

Conservationists Locate 'Miraculous' Wild Tiger Breeding Population

Hidden cameras showed Indochinese tiger cubs, sparking hope for the future of the precariously endangered animals.