clinton spending

Citigroup Predicts Clinton Election Will Preserve Status Quo

The bank, whose donors have funded the Democrat's campaign, says the election will not result in real policy change — but could coincide with a recession.
Shimon Peres dead

World Leaders React To Shimon Peres’ Death

The former Israeli president was one of the country's founding fathers and a key architect of the Oslo Accords for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.
Donald Trump

Trump Has History Of Body Shaming Women

The Republican presidential candidate has made numerous comments that involve degrading women's looks.
Barack Obama

US Nuclear Numbers Keep Dropping

The new numbers for the nuclear stockpile show a massive de-escalation over the last 50 years.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

What Trump Really Said About Climate Change

Hillary Clinton hit Donald Trump for denying climate change at the first presidential debate and he denied the accusations. She was right.

Disney To Bid On Twitter? Tech Company's Shares Climb

Walt Disney Co. (DIS) was allegedly working with a financial adviser to discuss a potential bid for Twitter Inc. (TWTR).


UK Prison Faces Drug And Safety Problems

Inmates at a “substandard” prison in the U.K. find it is easier to gain access to drugs than necessities.

Clinton Wins The First Debate

Trump sought to portray himself as a successful businessman with fresh ideas who would lead the U.S. to new levels of economic prosperity and security.

What We Know About Mexico's Missing 43 Students

Just one set of remains was ever conclusively identified.