NFL Cheerleaders Fight For Minimum Wage

Two years after a Raiderette lawsuit targeting the Raiders kicked off a debate on cheerleader pay, some say the battle has only begun.

What Makes The Perfect Super Bowl Ad?

With an ad’s placement costing $5 million for just 30 seconds of airtime, its maker is under a lot of pressure to deliver a truly memorable experience.

Final Budget Gives Obama One Last Shot At Hope

The 2017 fiscal-year spending plan proposes initiatives in areas ranging from the environment to healthcare to national security.

Taiwan Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 13

Damage caused by the magnitude-6.4 quake that struck the island nation Saturday included the collapse of a 17-story apartment building in the city of Tainan.

Coca-Cola Among Firms Reporting Next Week

Because of the currency-exchange factor, corporate earnings this season have been best among companies doing most of their business at home in the U.S.

7 EU Members Seek Aid Fighting Cheap Steel

The European steel industry has cut its workforce by about one-fifth since the global financial crisis became apparent eight years ago.

Economic Blues Hit China’s Workers

There is little Lunar New Year cheer for China’s migrant workers as the country’s economic slowdown takes its toll.

China’s Humbled Tech Giants Party Like It’s 2002

Amid China’s economic slowdown and market troubles, big technology names ranging from Alibaba to Xiaomi are cutting back on excess.

Russia Set To Become Largest Exporter Of Wheat

A strong U.S. dollar is hurting American farmers as other countries keep looking for cheaper alternatives when buying their wheat.

Pay This Fee, Or Go To Jail

Police departments around the U.S. are using license plate scanners to find scofflaws or criminals. Some are also letting the device suppliers slap drivers with mandatory fees.

Why They Joined ISIS

Caught in a desperate situation, two Iraqi men turned to the Islamic State group for money and a sense of belonging, only to be imprisoned by Kurdish security forces.