For Gov. Cuomo’s New Top Aide, A ‘Minefield’ Of Conflicts Of Interest

The lobbying firm of Melissa DeRosa’s father works on behalf of unions, trade groups, companies and other organizations in health care, transportation, energy, communications, education, security, hospitality and finance, among many other other industries.

Will James Comey Be Questioned By New Zealand Police?

Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, who is wanted by the United States on multiple charges, filed a complaint against the FBI director for data theft by the agency.
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Are Shareholders About To Be Silenced?

A GOP proposal would make it harder for ordinary investors to hold companies accountable for corporate practices that affect climate change, pay equity, government lobbying and other issues.

Sean Hannity Facing Sexual Harassment Allegations

Former Fox News guest Debbie Schlussel said she was never invited back to Fox News after she turned down Hannity’s advances.

The Online Spying War We're All A Part Of

Hundreds of millions of everyday people are caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous, digital spying war – and they may not even know it.

CEO of the Blackstone Group Stephen Schwarzman speaks during a session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos January 29, 2010.

White House Backs Away From Blackstone CEO

Under fire, Trump officials now say the Stephen Schwarzman-led White House Strategic and Policy Forum is not an official part of the White House.

Mayweather Has Some Lavish Spending Habits

The legendary fighter was said to have received $100 million per fight and earned $300 million in one year. Here's how Floyd "Money" Mayweather spends the cash.

Ancient Stone Carvings Show Comet Caused Climate Change

Scientists matched up stone carvings of a comet strike with ancient star formations to date and link the artwork to a devastating climate change that influenced human civilization.

Satellite Captures Growing Crack In Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf

When the crack eventually becomes big enough for the shelf to calve, it will create one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded in history.