Arizona May Allow Residents To Pay Taxes With Cryptocurrency

Arizona's Senate passed a bill in February that would allow residents to pay their state income tax with "recognized" cryptocurrencies. It still needs House approval.

Yacht Company Announces It Will Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment

Yacht consumers with a lot of cryptocurrency are now in luck, a Florida boat dealer will now accept Bitcoins for boats.
video game

It’s Time To End The Debate About Video Games And Violence

For years, there have been questions about research showing connections between playing violent video games and aggressive behavior.

How Bad Is The 2017-18 Flu Season?

According to reports, CDC's current flu-tracking system showed that this time, for the first time in 13 years, the whole U.S. continental region (except Hawaii) was affected by the flu.

Koch Industries Gave $300,000 To GOP Lawmakers Just Before Tax Vote

Shortly before voting on a sweeping tax cut bill that the billionaire Koch brothers favored, 60 Republican lawmakers received political donations from Koch Industries' political action committee.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

NASA’s Mars Orbiter In Limbo, Rover Completes 5,000 Martian Days

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter put itself in standby mode Thursday, while NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity saw its 5,000th Martian dawn Saturday.

7 Rocket Launch Photos Of Historic NASA Missions

Rocket launches have always been tremendous displays of power.