Verizon To Buy Yahoo For $4.8B

The deal comes at a time when Yahoo, which had a market capitalization of $125 billion in 2000, is struggling to stay profitable.

At Least 2 Dead In Shooting At Florida Nightclub

Local police have reportedly taken three people in custody hours after 17 people were shot in the early Monday morning incident.
China internet crackdown

China Bans Original News Reporting By Some Websites

The Cyberspace Administration of China accused several local news portals of violating the country’s internet regulations by carrying news that caused “huge negative effects.”
Hillary 2016 app

Clinton Campaign Launches Hillary 2016 App

The app went live Sunday and is currently available only on iOS, with an Android version in the works.
DNC Chair resigns

DNC Chair Debbie Schultz Resigns

The Florida congresswoman announced her resignation following an email leak that revealed Democratic National Committee staffers were biased toward Hillary Clinton.

Laws Of Friction Found In Da Vinci’s ‘Irrelevant’ Doodles

A fresh look at the Italian polymath’s notebooks shows he had attempted to formulate the laws governing friction — 200 years before they were actually codified.

Are Shape-Shifting Microbots The Future Of Medicine And Surgery?

A team of scientists has developed a new method for building flexible microbots, which they say may one day be used to carry out targeted drug deliveries and perform precise surgeries.
Deezer for all

Deezer Opens Up Music Streaming Service To All In US

The French company’s service, which was launched in the U.S. in 2015, was initially available only through Sonos, Bose and Cricket Wireless.


Two New Sonic Games In 2017

Game maker Sega announced Saturday that Sonic Mania and one unnamed title will be released next year on the PC, as well as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Wild Birds Help Humans Find Honey

In a rare example of a wild animal cooperating with humans, honeyguide birds in Mozambique were found to actively help the search for bees’ nests.

Justice Department Moves To Block Healthcare Mergers

After drawing concerns about a lack of competition — and an ethics controversy — the Cigna-Anthem proposal will likely fail.
Rio Olympics, Maracana Stadium

After Unrest, Olympics Soon Set To Begin

After a turbulent buildup, the sporting action at the 2016 Rio Olympics is about to begin.

Ambush Marketing Is Unstoppable In Rio

Olympics sponsorships have never been more expensive. So why is the IOC relaxing the rules governing what athletes can promote?