Federal Communications Commission

Net Neutrality In Its Final Days?

The FCC rules for repealing net neutrality protections were published in the Federal Register and will go into effect on April 23.

Number Of Hate Groups Increase In Trump Era

The Southern Poverty Law Center noted that the number of neo-Nazi groups has sharply grown in the past year.

Twitter Allegedly Locked Right-Wing Users' Accounts

Most of the accounts that claim to be locked seem to be right-wing conservative Trump supporters, who claim they are being targeted for their political beliefs.
Donald Trump Jr

Trump-Branded Real Estate Booming In India

While the Trump brand might have taken a hit in United States, it is proving to be extremely popular in Indian markets.

How Bad Is The 2017-18 Flu Season?

According to reports, CDC's current flu-tracking system showed that this time, for the first time in 13 years, the whole U.S. continental region (except Hawaii) was affected by the flu.

Koch Industries Gave $300,000 To GOP Lawmakers Just Before Tax Vote

Shortly before voting on a sweeping tax cut bill that the billionaire Koch brothers favored, 60 Republican lawmakers received political donations from Koch Industries' political action committee.
Neanderthal Hand Prints

Neanderthals Had An Artistic Side Too

Researchers discovered cave paintings and symbolic artefacts in Spain that were created by Neanderthals and predate any known artistic endeavor by Homo sapiens by at least 20,000 years.

‘Signature’ of Biblical Prophet Isaiah Found?

The 2,700-year-old seal, also known as the bulla, was discovered during an excavation at the foot of the southern wall of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.