Why Some People Ignore Bitcoin Tax Laws

Thanks to convoluted laws, it's really hard to include bitcoin in your tax returns — which may be why many people say they will not report bitcoin ownership to the IRS.

Vivendi Is Holding Off On Its Ubisoft Takeover For Six Months

Ubisoft’s steady run of success has not saved the company from talk of a possible hostile takeover by fellow French media corporation Vivendi.
Donald Trump

'Trump Effect' Blamed For US Losing Top Spot In Best International Image

The final NBI score was decided after collecting public opinion on 50 different countries on primarily six categories: its people, governance, exports, tourism, investment and immigration, and culture and heritage.
Tim Cook

Here's How Apple Could Become A $1 Trillion Company

The release of the iPhone X and other factors could turn Apple into the first $1 trillion company in 2018. AAPL stocks continue to rise.
iPhone Text

Cyber Monday Gives A Big Boost To Mobile Commerce

Americans' reliance on their smartphones and tablets will drive online shopping revenue to new heights – and could introduce new buying experiences as well.

Star Had Alien Signals ... And Now, An Earth-Like Planet

Scientists discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting a star where, earlier this year, they had previously picked up mysterious radio signals that some had attributed to aliens.

Trump’s HHS Pick Worked For Groups Suing To Keep Drug Pricing Secret

President Donald Trump vowed to bring down high drug prices. Now he’s nominated Alex Azar, a veteran of a major drug company and a key lobbying organization for the biotech industry, for secretary of Health and Human Services.
jupiter cassini

The Water On Earth Came From Jupiter

A new study says the biggest planet in the solar system is responsible for almost all the water — whether liquid, solid or gas — in it.
Black hole merger

Gravitational Waves Detected Again, This Time From Small Black Holes

The relatively small black holes that merged — the resulting gravitational waves were detected June 8 — were located about a billion light-years from Earth.