Trump in Cedar Rapids, IA

Trump's FCC Could Undermine His Promise on Rural Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing rules on how a specific slice of radio frequency spectrum is licensed. The proposed changes could jeopardize efforts to close the rural broadband gap.
Paul Ryan // tax bill

After Scoring Huge Tax Cuts, Charles Koch Showers Ryan With Cash

Two weeks after Speaker Paul Ryan passed the GOP tax cut bill in the House, billionaire Koch, who will benefit from the bill, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Ryan's joint fundraising committee.

Senators Want To Force Convicted Banks To Help Insure Pensions

The Democrats’ bill comes weeks after the Department of Labor issued waivers to convicted banks, including one that owns at least $130 million of debt from President Trump, allowing them to manage funds in federally regulated retirement systems.
Two Brothers Mummies

DNA Solves Mystery Of Two Brothers From Ancient Egypt

The mummies of two men, long thought to be brothers — based on inscriptions on their coffins — were discovered over 110 years ago, but their biological relationship was often debated.

valley of kings

Search for Ankhesenamun’s Tomb Starts In Valley Of The Kings

Ankhesenamun, who is referred to as "Egypt’s lost princess," was one of the six daughters of king Akhenaten and queen Nefertiti.

Underwater Region Similar To ‘Mordor’ Discovered Off Australia

The researchers used a new 3-D seismic reflection data to map the underwater area.