Facebook’s Free Basics Banned In India

After an intense campaign on both sides of the issue, Facebook’s efforts to connect the next billion fell short as the Indian telecoms regulator recently ruled in favor of net neutrality.

Bill Clinton Lashes Out At Sanders

In 2008, the former U.S. president made headlines for defending his wife, Hillary Clinton, and launching a strong attack against Barack Obama.

India’s Economy Grew 7.3% In Its Most Recent Quarter

Many analysts expressed skepticism about India’s GDP data, saying it may have overestimated the country’s growth.

German, French Bank Chiefs Want Joint EU Treasury

The central bank heads urged eurozone countries to transfer “sovereignty and powers to the European level.­” Last year, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron, above, called for full fiscal integration in the EU.

Volkswagen May Delay Reporting Earnings

The German automaker’s decision to delay key investor events for four to eight weeks underscores the extent of damage caused by the diesel emissions scandal.

Broncos Defeat Panthers, 24-10, In Super Bowl 50

Behind an exceptional defense, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50, 24-10.

Refugee Camps Set Up Inside Syria

Tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing an escalating government assault on Aleppo remained stranded near the Turkish border.
Puppy Bowl XII

Behind The Scenes At The 12th Annual Puppy Bowl

More than 80 puppies pawed their way to New York to be a part of the taping of Puppy Bowl XII to be shown on Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday.

Russia Considers Bonds In Quest Abroad For Capital

It would be the first since the country faced U.S. and EU sanctions following its involvement in Crimea.

Talks On For Suu Kyi As President

Negotiations are ongoing to remove constitutional hurdles that prevent Aung San Suu Kyi from becoming the next president of Myanmar. Parliament will announce presidential nominees on March 17.

Pay This Fee, Or Go To Jail

Police departments around the U.S. are using license plate scanners to find scofflaws or criminals. Some are also letting the device suppliers slap drivers with mandatory fees.

Why They Joined ISIS

Caught in a desperate situation, two Iraqi men turned to the Islamic State group for money and a sense of belonging, only to be imprisoned by Kurdish security forces.