“The 100” is getting a musical makeover! That’s right, the post-apocalyptic CW drama, which was renewed for a third season in January, is adding a harmonious talent to it’s gifted cast – and we can assure you, the latest addition will have fans singing for joy!

According to reports, Canadian crooner Shawn Mendes, will be joining “The 100” when Season 3 of the adventure drama returns in 2016.

“Hey GUYS !!! IM GUNNA BE ON #THE100 !!! SO EXCITED,” he captioned an image of himself standing next to his trailer on the set of “The 100” on Instagram.

And it looks like the “Stitches” singer isn’t the only one smiling ear to ear over the latest casting news. Jason Rothenberg, creator of the gripping series based on the novel of the same name by Kass Morgan, revealed his excitement to his followers on Twitter – the very same platform that inspired him to add Mendes to the cast.

"Shawn is a big fan of the show, and reached out to me on Twitter about potentially working together,” the showrunner revealed to E! Online. "He's a very talented artist, and we knew we wanted to do something special and different for the premiere. Shawn gave us a unique opportunity and I can't wait for our fans to see our collaboration."

So, what exactly will Mendes be bringing to the plot of “The 100”? Well, considering the artist has a wicked set of pipes, fans have theorized that maybe Mendes will be lulling audiences in the Season 3 premiere – you know, when he’s not fighting for his life.

It was revealed that Mendes will take on the role of a “scrappy, young Ark survivor” who finds himself in a sticky situation, which then forces him to use a “particular set of talents” he has. Is it just us, or can we hear our new, favorite TV soundtrack already?

“The 100” will return with Season 3 in 2016 on the CW.