Police in Syracuse, N.Y., said a man refused to pay a $12 taxi fare even though he was carrying over $5,000 in cash as the ordered the cabbie to drive from store to store searching for cheap cigarettes.

Carl Kulmus, 68, was stopped by responding police officers and charged with theft of service.

Blue Star Taxi driver Hisham Elian informed police that he picked up Kulmus outside his apartment on Pond St. Kulmus reportedly told Elian to drive him around until he found cigarettes at what he deemed was reasonable price.

Elian took him to a local store, but Kulmus came out empty handed, reported The Post-Standard of Syracuse. Elian then took Kulmus to a second store, where again he was no satisfied with the price. The pair then drove to Wegmans on First North Street. Elian asked Kilumus for the cab fare, which cost exactly $12.40. Kulmus refused to pay.

The police were called to the scene. Kulmus still refused to pay for the fair. He became uncooperative with the officers, reported the Associated Press.  As police conducted a search of the man, they discovered $5,063.94 in his pockets.

Kulmus declined to tell the officers why he had so much or his motivation to not pay for the cab fare.

The man is being charged with theft of service.