Jayah Shaileya Ram Jackson, a 15-year-old girl, died on Thursday after she jumped off the roof of her grandmother’s apartment building in New York's Upper West Side. Reports, citing sources, said that the teen was suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

Jackson’s body landed on the 94th Street side of the Amsterdam Avenue building on Thursday morning, where she was pronounced dead, sources reportedly said. According to media reports citing police, the girl had gained access to the roof of the 27-storey building by way of an unlocked door.

“I heard something that I wish I could unhear,” a woman who works nearby and identified herself only as Jen, reportedly said. “It sounded like a ‘thump,’ or a ‘poof.’ I didn’t know what it was at first. It sounded like snow falling off the building.”

Neighbors, who were shocked by the incident, reportedly told the police that the girl had been staying two blocks away on 96th Street, and was a frequent visitor to her grandmother's apartment in the building.

“The doorman let her in because they’ve all seen her before,” one neighbor reportedly said. “They must have assumed she was visiting the grandmother.” adding: “She went straight to the roof and jumped.”

Reports, citing a neighbor, said that the girl’s grandmother had to be hospitalized after she learned of her death. According to reports, the girl, who did not leave a note behind, did not give any indication to her grandmother that she was suicidal or even that she had been depressed.

According to Daily News, Jackson had written on her Facebook profile on Tuesday: “I'm actually just going to wait for someone to make a petition for me to kill myself because it's inevitable,,, like, we all see it coming.”  

“I used to have the intense desire to be respected, or at least liked,” Jackson reportedly wrote in another post Tuesday. “It rarely ever worked out. I don't care anymore.”

A post of hers on Monday reportedly read: “Valentines day more like valenTIME-TO-CRY-BECAUSE-YOU'RE-A-LONELY-MOTHERF----R day. Looking forward to it.”

According to reports, her Facebook post on Jan. 5 read: “At least 8 people have told me they want me to kill myself in the past 2 days.”

“I just hope that when I actually do it, they don't feel responsible. because they won't be,” the post added.

David Foster, the doorman at Jackson’s grandmother’s building, reportedly told the police: “Such a sweet sweet girl," adding: "I never knew she had any problem.”