Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. unveiled three 2014 vehicles at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday: the Range Rover Sport, Jaguar XJR Sedan and Jaguar XKR-S GT Coupe.

The Range Rover Sport SE ($63,495) and Range Rover Sport HSE ($68,495) will come standard with a 340 hp 3-liter supercharged V6 engine, while the Range Rover Sport Supercharged ($79,995) and Range Rover Sport Autobiography ($93,295) will come with 510 hp 5-liter supercharged V8.

The 2014 Range Rover Sport will be more fuel efficient and produce less emissions -- while also being 800 pounds lighter -- than 2013's version. All versions of the '14 Range Rover Sport will come standard with an eight-speed transmission. The new Sport made a flashy debut on Wednesday alongside James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, at a special event in New York. The Range Rover Sport is the best-selling Land Rover in the U.S.

Jaguar added the XJR Sedan and the XKR-S GT Coupe to its R performance line of 2014 vehicles. The new XJR comes in two versions: with a standard wheelbase, at $116,000, and with a long wheelbase, at $119,000. The XJR comes standard with a 5-liter Supercharged V8 engine that produces 550 hp.

The '14 XJR-S GT Coupe, which costs $174,000, has the same engine as the XJR Sedan and features an all-aluminum body. Jaguar describes the limited-edition car as “track-ready." For North America, only 30 XJR-S GT Coupes will be made, with 25 heading to the U.S. and five to Canada.