The 2014 Lexus IS will be released to consumers by the summer and the luxury brand is looking to enter a competitive market with a young consumer base. In order to compete, the 2014 Lexus IS will feature plenty of bold design choices.

Aggression has become the de jour word to describe new automotive design features. Sleek lines, angular headlamps and the car’s stance have all been modified to present a vehicle that demonstrates the power found in the engine or within the car’s array of tech features. Lexus has brought aggressive approach to design with the 2014 Lexus IS, moving it from the world of sedans into the competitive world that includes the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series.

The third generation of the Lexus IS distances itself dramatically from when the line first debuted in 2001. The second generation of the Lexus IS debuted in 2006 and introduced two models to the lineup, the IS 250 and the IS 350. The new models featured V6 engines while the IS 250 model introduced the all-wheel-drive option.

For the 2014 Lexus IS, the entry sports sedan includes plenty of new features that are expected with each new redesign. The emphasis is on fun, something that’s necessary when competing with other brands that have established themselves with a younger market. At a press event in North Carolina, Lexus discussed how the 2014 Lexus IS was just one example of the company-wide rebranding.

Within the next 24 months, Lexus is looking to rebrand their entire fleet of vehicles, having refreshed nine of their lines last year. Other manufacturers have been able to brand themselves as the car for the younger generation, a market that constantly refreshes, and a luxury brand, offering a fun entry level car early could lead to a decades-long consumer relationship. For Lexus, sales are on their side as is the buying demographic.

With a list of awards from J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Reports, Lexus also boasted impressive sales numbers in 2012, with 244,000 vehicles sold, a 23 percent increase from 2011’s sales figures. Lexus is expecting to improve on those sales figures in 2013, estimating 260,000 vehicles sold for the year.

Toyota Motor Corp. is looking to spur sales by offering the 2014 Lexus IS in a variety of models that are affordable and customizable. The 2014 Lexus IS is a cheaper car than its 2013 predecessor, with the MSRP for the entry level 2014 Lexus IS 250, with rear-wheel drive, 2.5L V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, at $35,950. The 2014 Lexus IS 250 AWD is priced at $38,485. The 2014 Lexus IS 350 comes with a similar package scheme but improves the engine, offering a 3.5 liter V6. The IS 350 with RWD comes standard with an 8-speed automatic transmission with a MSRP of $39, 465 while the AWD features the 6-speed AT and is priced at $41,700.

For those wanting more power, Lexus offers the F Sport package:

  • $3,115 for the IS 250 RWD
  • $2,675 for the IS 250 AWD
  • $3,620 for the IS 350 RWD
  • $3,180 for the IS 350 AWD

The F Sport package includes a full-mesh grille, inspired by the LFA, LED headlamps, 18-inch wheels, sport seats and sport-tuned suspension for better handling. The IS 350 RWD F Sport package includes a Sport S+ drive mode and an Adaptive Variable Suspension.