A New Zealand mom wanting to buy a toy digger for her daughter made some bids online before napping.

Once fast asleep, her daughter took over and bought a real earth moving digger for $12,300, the Associated Press reported.

Pipi Quinlan made the winning 20,000 New Zealand dollar ($12,300) bid on the Kobelco digger with a few mouse clicks at the auction site TradeMe while her parents slept, the Rodney Times newspaper reported in northern New Zealand.

Sarah Quinlan, Pipi’s mother was shocked when she saw the e-mail from TradeMe saying she had won the auction and that the price was $20,000. At that time she realized that a bid for a real digger has been placed instead of a toy digger.

Quinlan immediately communicated with the auction site and the seller to explain what happened, the digger was then re-listed.