Two British men who were once gay lovers say they have both moved on with their lives after learning on live TV three years ago that they are really half-brothers. The men, identified only as Paul and Lee, recently gave an update on their situation for the 10th anniversary of “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” on which they previously appeared in 2012.

They explained that they first met through an online dating site, then were left devastated after learning on the show in 2012 that they have the same mother. They told host Jeremy Kyle that they have moved on with their lives -- though they remain close.

Their appearance on the program three years ago was a harrowing experience for both men, they said. They were in a sexual relationship and even planned to get married at some point. However, when Lee introduced Paul to his mother and stepfather, they uncovered secrets of their past that changed everything for them.

Lee’s family noticed Paul looked a lot like his mom Ena’s ex-husband Ron, whose surname was the same as Paul’s. Ena then revealed that Lee had a secret half-brother.

Paul, who knew nothing about his biological family, was taken into care at 18 months old and had been adopted at age 3. He and Lee appeared on “The Jeremy Kyle Show” to find out if their suspicions were correct. They told Kyle they stopped their sexual relationship as soon as they found out that they could be brothers.

On the show, Kyle read a letter from Ron, explaining they had to put into care one of his four children with Ena because they “couldn’t cope.” Ron hoped that the DNA result would prove that Paul was indeed his son so he could begin forming a relationship with him.

Ena, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, couldn’t remember much of the past. However, if it turned out that Paul was his son, she would love to get to know him better.

Before Kyle revealed the result of the DNA test, Paul and Lee promised that they would be there for each other and continue to be best friends, no matter what the paper said. They hoped that they weren’t related because they had wanted to marry each other in the future.

Paul and Lee were visibly distraught following the revelation that they were half-brothers. As Kyle pointed out, it was a double-edged sword. Although Paul found out that the man he had been in physical relationship with was his brother, he also learned who his parents were.

Understandably, Paul, 38, started crying. He walked off the set, with Kyle and the camera following him. After a few moments, Paul and Lee then embraced each other, trying to give each other comfort from the ugly truth. Later in the show, Ena and Ron were brought out to meet their long-lost son.

“You were in a physical relationship. How do you switch that emotional feeling off?” Kyle asked the two men, to which they answered, “Not at the moment.” Kyle promised the show would help them move on from their ordeal.

Three years after their appearance on the show, Kyle updated the audience of Paul and Lee’s situation. They told the host they still have a close relationship as brothers.