A five-year-old boy from Greene County, Va. has been taken into custody after allegedly stabbing three people yesterday after a fight over a juice box.

According to Greene County authorities, the boy injured two children and one adult in a mobile home park. At least one of the children is related to the little boy, whose name will not be revealed due to his minor status.

Neighbors told reporters that the fight that triggered the triple stabbing began over a juice box, though police have yet to confirm this detail.

According to local authorities, the five-year-old boy stabbed the three people, all hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, with an edged weapon. Sources are unable to say whether or not that weapon was a knife.

As more details emerge in the Greene County, Va. case, neighbors and local authorities are already beginning to speculate as to what made the five-year-old stab two children and one adult.

I've always seen him ride his bike around,said neighbor Nikoma Collins. He's a happy-go-lucky little dude.

Others, however, report to The Associated Press that the five-year-old boy has an anger problem and has been seen hitting his mother.

I've heard of juveniles throwing temper tantrums, but I've never heard of anything like this before, Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith told WAHU-TV.

The five-year-old boy is currently under evaluation. It is not clear whether he will be charged with a crime.