Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for those tired of the same old roasted turkey, there are  a bunch of different ways to make the poultry so it’s juicy and delicious.

The following ideas, courtesy of Parents Connection, provide alternative ways to cook a tasty bird, all while avoiding the pitfalls of unsafe, undercooked or overdone meat.


1.     Turkey Roasted in a Bag

Ever think about putting a turkey inside a bag before cooking it? One must be sure to use an oven-cooking bag that is designed for this method. Parents Connection was quick to point out that cooks should not use a recycled bag from a prior grocery run because they could be toxic, unsanitary and infalammable.

Oven bags are a good idea for Thanksgiving because they save time. There’s no need to constantly baste the bird since all the juices are kept inside of the bag.

After the turkey is done cooking, throw out the bag. No mess, no hassle, just some succulent meat.


2.     Tabletop Roaster Turkey

Thanksgiving and tabletop turkey roaster might not be synonymous, but it will sure free up a lot of space in the oven for side dishes and desserts.

The tabletop roaster churns out moist birds, and for those that don’t already own one, they can be picked up at most appliance stores for around $50.

3.     Charcoal Grilled Turkey

If someone in the house who considers him or herself the Master Griller, it’s time to go to work. Though it might seem kind of strange, turkeys can be grilled, which will also help free space in the kitchen. Make sure the turkey is completely thawed and unstuffed before cooking. To add some extra flavor, water-soaked hardwood or fruitwood chips can be added to the charcoal.


4.     Smoked Turkey

To serve an unforgettable bird this year, try dishing out a distinctly smoky-cured flavored turkey.

People who choose to go this route will need to have a special smoker, powered by electricity, gas or charcoal. Make sure the turkey isn’t stuffed when it’s ready to be cooked.  


5.     Deep-Fried Turkey

Diets are typically put aside during the gluttonous holiday of Thanksgiving, and if that’s the case, why not deep-fry the center of attraction to produce a crunchy, juicy bird? Even people who typically don’t like turkey won’t be able to resist one that has been deep-fried.

After picking up a turkey fryer, make sure the bird is completely thawed or a fire could be joining for supper.


6.     Microwaved Turkey

For people who joke that the only type of cooking they do is in the microwave, this style turkey will be right up their alley. Birds can be nuked as long as there is 3 inches of clearing room on the top of the microwave and 2 to 3 inches of space all around. Usually a 12-pound turkey is the largest that will fit, and make sure to use an oven cooking bag so it gets cooked evenly.