7-Eleven plus P90X equals profits and an image boost. That's what the convenience store chain is betting as it rolls out a new line of healthy products at key California locations. Dallas-based 7-Eleven will begin to sell nutritional foods and beverages made by Tony Horton Kitchen in 104 stores across the Los Angeles market, the company announced Tuesday. The move follows several major retailers' forays into health foods, organics and other specialty offerings in recent years.

The product line, named after fitness magnate Tony Horton's wildly successful P90X workout DVD series, will help 7-Eleven to diversify its merchandise in hopes of reaching consumers who may otherwise avoid its stores.

“We want to provide healthy, convenient food and beverage options, whether that means a high-protein wrap, a cold-pressed juice or a high-fiber fresh salad,” Kelly Buckley, 7‑Eleven’s vice president of fresh food and beverage innovation and manufacturing, said. “The addition of these nutritionally balanced products gives our guests better and more varied choices. By teaming with Tony Horton Kitchen, we want people to think of 7‑Eleven for healthy options when they are on the go.”

Under the new endeavor, 7-Eleven will offer Tony Horton sandwiches, wraps, salads and juices to health-minded consumers. Horton worked with the 7-Eleven Innovation Team for more than a year to come up with nutritious food items that fall in the $4.75 -$6.50 price range, which lines up with 7-Eleven’s reputation for selling inexpensive products.

Over the past couple of years, prominent grocery stores and big-box retailers including Safeway Inc., Kroger Co., Walmart Stores and Target Corp. have all made moves to capitalize on the fast-growing organic and health food sectors.