7 Hilarious Halloween Mugshots [PHOTOS]

on October 31 2012 9:22 AM
  • "Slasher Victim"
    Many Halloween mischeif makers were caught red handed in their scariest, and funniest costumes. Police Handout
  • "Superman"
    A Man in Arizona, 27, arrested for disorderly conduct/fighting. Police Handout
  • "Pretty in Pink Boa"
    A man from North Dakota, 24, arrested for drunk driving. Police Handout
  • "Racoon Eyes"
    A man from Arizona, 30, charged with damage and disorderly conduct. Police Handout
  • "X-Man"
    A man from Georgia, 26, charged with battery and obstructing law enforcement. Police Handout
  • "Fancy Glitter Makeup"
    An Arkansans man, 28, charged with a DUI. Police Handout
  • "Snarky Smurf"
    An Idaho man, 23, arrested for drunk driving. Police Handout
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Most people expect more treats than tricks when they go out to celebrate Halloween. But these naughty Hallow's Eve enthusiasts were not only caught red handed, with charges ranging from DUIs to disorderly conducts, they also had to say cheese to the mug shot camera in full costume. Here are some scary yet hilarious Halloween mugshots.

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