A pair of California police officers discovered more than 3 tons of marijuana during a routine traffic stop Wednesday.

KBCS, Los Angeles, reports Daniel Ruiz, 22, and Jose Alcarez, 24, were arrested after more than $76 million worth of marijuana was found in the U-Haul truck they were driving. 

The two officers first pulled over the pair after they ran a red light in Bakersfield, California, early Wednesday. As they were completing the traffic stop, the officers noticed the smell of weed and requested a police dog be sent to the scene.

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    The more than three tons of pot was packed in the cargo area of the U-Haul truck. Photo: Bakersfield Police Department/KCBS
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    The U-Haul truck was being driven by 22-year-old Daniel Ruiz. 24-year-old Jose Alcarez was a passenger in the vehicle. Photo: Bakersfield Police Department

When the dog arrived, it led the cops to the truck’s cargo area, where they found 250 bales of pot stuffed inside the truck. The more than 3 tons of marijuana was the region’s largest pot bust in recent history, officials said.

Ruiz and Alcarez were arrested and charged with suspicion of conspiracy and of transporting and possessing marijuana for sale.

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