Last August, someone abandoned a Ferrari Enzo worth $1 million in Dubai will be up for auction by police on Wednesday along with 22 other supercars and luxury vehicles.

The Ferrari has been reportedly sitting in the same Dubai impound lot for eight months and will be auctioned off by authorities in what the Daily Mail calls the most expensive sale in police history.

According to Motor Authority, the car - one of just 399 in the entire world - was previously owned on a lease by a British citizen. However, the person is believed to have fled to Dubai when they couldn't afford to make the payments, and since has vanished, as Dubai law prohibits outstanding debt.

The Ferrari Enzo, wanted by Interpol, was seized by the CID. Its British owner had left it in the parking lot for more than 20 months after traffic fines had piled up, Major General traffic department director Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin told The Daily Mail.

Police have obtained ownership of the Ferrari, as well as other cars seized or abandoned after accidents, because the law states that any car abandoned for more than six months automatically becomes property of the police.

The auction of the abandoned Ferrari Enzo and 22 other cars - three other Ferraris, seven Porsches, Corvettes, Mercedes, BMWs, Infinitis, Range Rovers and Dodges -- will be held Wednesday in Al Quasis, Dubai.