Abigail Breslin is a much-praised actress but her music debut was not well received on Twitter Wednesday. When her song “You Suck” premiered on Teen Vogue, 5 Seconds of Summer fans assumed she wrote the tune about ex-boyfriend and 5SOS band member Michael Clifford.

Boybands and teen heartthrobs have huge Twitter followings, or fandoms, and when fans of 5SOS heard “You Suck” they heard hints of Clifford. Breslin did add in some obvious giveaways, like the fact that the person she’s singing about is in a band, has a scar above his eye, bleached hair and a “stupid” tattoo. She also claims this person “sounds like a girl” when he calls her drunk, but there’s probably only a select few who can confirm that line.

Aside from Clifford’s fans taking his side, others have also blasted Breslin for her voice. Some compared her to Rebecca Black, who became famous for her awesomely bad hit “Friday.”

Breslin, 18, who is known for films like “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Zombieland” and “My Sister’s Keeper,” has not responded to the negative feedback on Twitter. Instead, she shared messages from people who liked the song. She told Teen Vogue she wrote "You Suck" in the "heat of the moment." 

"It's about things I've witnessed--it's not OK when guys don't have respect for girls," she said. "This is a song I wrote about those guys who are players and use people and just generally aren't really good people." 

The actress, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “Little Miss Sunshine,” finished production on a horror movie called “Maggie,” which is slated to premiere in theaters in 2015.

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