Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine apparently has some axes to grind, and he’s using his platform on “The Voice” to let everyone know. On Monday night’s show, the celebrity judge aired some longtime grievances he had with the Roxy, a renowned Los Angeles nightclub, when he told fans that the club mistreated him when his band was up-and-coming, and he urged people not to go there.

The subject of the nightclub came up when “Voice” contestant Cassadee Pope covered “Are You Happy Now,” a song by singer/songwriter Michelle Branch. The song evidently reminded Levine of the days before his band became a household name, when he and Maroon 5 were an opening act for Michelle Branch on a tour.

"I remember we opened for her at the Roxy,” Levine said, before launching into a rant. “They didn't even give us a dressing room. I hate the Roxy. I'll never play there again.”

Later, when a fan attempted to defend the nightclub, Levine wouldn’t hear of it. "Oh, the Roxy is horrible. Don't ever go there," he retorted. "They screwed us over," he continued. "And now they're paying for it."

In a surprising turn, the music venue responded with good humor. After catching wind of the candid remarks, the club tweeted innocently, “Ummm, what was that about?” and copied Levine at the end.

The message was quickly followed up with another, reading, “We have officially named our dressing room after @AdamLevine ;),” acccompanied by a picture of the club’s marquee that had been rearranged to read “ADAM LEVINE YOUR DRESSING ROOM IS READY.”

Michelle Branch even came to the nightclub’s defense after the episode aired on television, explaining that the dressing room situation had probably been at her request and should in no way have been interpreted as a slight against Maroon 5.

“I'm sure it wasn't the Roxy's fault,” Branch said. “Most likely my band was given one room and I was given the other per my contract.”

Nic Adler, the Roxy’s owner, echoed those claims when he said the dressing room assignments were dictated by the headliner’s contract.

“Maroon 5 played the Roxy at least five times," said Adler. "[Adam's previous band] Kara's Flowers played there like every weekend. I use Maroon 5 as an example of a hard-working band that played the Sunset Strip and played the clubs and blew up. And so when he said that ... you know, the Roxy has no control over dressing rooms. If Michelle Branch is playing, it's Michelle Branch's show. And if her management says, 'I want Michelle in this dressing room and I want her band in this other dressing room,' we're at the mercy of the headliner. For a band to think dressing rooms define how we treat bands is crazy.”

Levine did not immediately comment on the statement.