A woman from Berkshire, England named Julie Zalinski retold the story of the death of her boyfriend, Adrian Rowland last November, as she watched him commit suicide during a Skype chat from over 7,000 miles away during an inquest at Oxford County Hall.

According to the Oxford Mail, Zalinski watched as Rowland, 53, slashed his throat, wrists and stomach and bled to death before her eyes on the Internet.

He was just in a complete state. He was sweating profusely and his eyes were just staring, she said/ He kept saying 'they are going to get me, they are going to get me'.

Rowland, who was on a business trip in New Delhi as a consultant for the automotive industry, reportedly walked into the kitchen, grabbed a glass and smashed it on the table then stuck it straight into his neck, according to Zalinski and a friend who saw the incident unfold.

He was holding his bloodied wrist out to the screen. He wanted us to see. I don't think he realised he was bleeding, Zalinski told The Mirror of watching the event for more than 10 hours.

Zalinski immediately called the police in the UK, while police instructed Rowland via Skype to wrap a tea towel around his neck, The Mirror reported. But Rowland refused to open the door to his flat so that he could be helped.

However, a new report from an inquest in Oxford said that Indian laws prevented police from forcing an entry in his flat in order to save his life.

According to a post mortem report, Adrian Rowland died from blood loss sustained from his wounds.

Mr Rowland injured himself and died as a result of those injuries. But he was clearly going through a major mental crisis and I cannot go any further than that, Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner said.

Julie Zalinski told the Oxford Inquest that the day before he killed himself, Adrian Rowland had been acting strangely during a dinner party and didn't like being away from the UK and me.

He said there were people in the room that weren't there, Zalinski told the inquest of the night in November. I just kept reassuring him that nobody was there and that I was here for him. I told him that I wasn't going to leave him and would get help to him.