Adrienne Maloof and ex-husband Paul Nassif may have mended their spat, at least publicly, but that doesn’t mean  their bitter divorce is behind them amid news that he is now suing the couple’s former chef for unspecified damages.

Nassif, who divorced his “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star wife in November after 10 years of marriage, has been surprisingly supportive of Adrienne, even recently defending her new relationship with the much younger Sean Stewart. But Nassif’s good will evidently doesn’t extend to his former personal chef, Bernie Guzman.

Guzman got involved in the couple’s heated divorce dispute, siding with Adrienne and posting photos on his Facebook page that showed her with bruises. Guzman alleged that the bruises were Nassif's doing, captioning the photos “pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten.”

“Now you know who and what he really is… he is a beast,” Guzman added.

And Nassif is apparently not forgetting those words. The plastic surgeon is suing Guzman for extortion and defamation, claiming that Guzman falsely accused him of beating Adrienne, TMZ reported.

According to the publication, Nassif filed the lawsuit when Guzman refused to take down the photos from Facebook at the request of Nassif’s attorney. Nassif claims that the allegations that he abused his ex-wife are "outrageous and vicious lies."

The suit also says that when Nassif’s attorneys reqested that Guzman take the photos down, he responded aggressively, writing, "Stop harassing me...Have you forgotten I witnessed you beat your wife ... Kids & animals.  I have plenty of pretty family photos ... Some not so pretty ... Stay away ..."

Nassif believes that Guzman was trying to extort him for money in exchange for the photos based on the text.

TMZ says Guzman has not responded to a request for a comment.