Soldiers of the Afghan National Army have named a successful offensive against the Taliban as Operation Princess Kate to honor the 29-year-old Duchess of Cambridge.

It has been reported that the Afghans have apparently been mesmerized by the beautiful Duchess after they were shown pictures and video of her royal wedding to Prince William in April.

During the operation, over 350 soldiers from the Afghan National Army and 60 Afghan cops attacked a Taliban stronghold close to the Majar Bazaar area in Nahr-e Saraj district.

Besides this, the Sun reported that the troops were overseen by a round 100 British advisers from the 2nd Battalion, the Rifles.

We are grateful to the British troops for everything they are doing to help us become a capable army who can take on the insurgency. So we decided to name this important operation in honor of someone who is close to the hearts of the British people, the British tabloid quoted an Afghan National Army sergeant Abdul Wahid as saying.

The sergeant is said to believe that the name has brought them luck for the mission and that he is proud to honor a member of the British royal family in this manner.