Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronics district, will install information screens at various spots in an attempt to attract visitors in upcoming weeks.

the area for visitors from Oct. 19 through Oct. 28 and Nov. 16 through Nov.30.

This information service is provided by a joint group of Japanese firms and universities, such as Hitachi Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corp., the University of Tokyo and Osaka University. Planners hope the screens can increase tourism by providing timely and useful information.

About 10,000 volunteers are to participate in the test, which run thought Oct. 19 to Oct. 28 and Nov. 16 through Nov.30.

Each user will be equipped with a smart card, and once it is flashed at a terminal screen, each visitor can get abundant information about what kind of products are able to buy at each shop, including electric devices and comic books. Also visitors can know events schedules, special offers by restaurants in a limited period and rare items that can be obtained by the area.

Akihabara, also known as “electric town” by the nation and foreigners, has a wealth of consumer electronics retailers and comic book stores, but it has been historically complicated for visitors to know where to go to find what they want.

The new initiative hopes to alleviate confusion for first time visitors and also make regular visitors from those stopping by.