Although the body of Alexandria Chery has not been officially identified, the suspect in her disappearance case was deemed a flight risk and his bond was raised to $200,000 after new details emerged about the reasons her body was “preliminarily” identified, the Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday.

A T-shirt covered in “@” symbols, a pink-stoned bellybutton ring and a hair weave were found near the body, newly available court documents revealed. All of the items belonged to Alexandria, her family told authorities.

Sanel Saint Simon, Alexandria’s mother’s longtime live-in boyfriend, is the lead suspect in the case. He was arrested on obstruction of a criminal investigation and tampering with evidence. Prosecutors told the judge he was a flight risk and merited an increased bond for the lower-level felonies he is facing, the Orlando Sentinel wrote.

Sanel Saint Simon Alexandria Chery, 16, was discovered missing on Wednesday after her room was found is disarray and personal items were missing. Her mother's longtime boyfriend, Sanel Saint Simon, was arrested after lying to police and tampering with evidence. Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Office

Circuit Judge Renee Roche agreed that Saint Simon, 43, is a flight risk and raised his bond to $100,000 for each felony he faces. Saint Simon is originally from Haiti and entered the U.S. illegally, but was granted a temporary protected status recently, which allowed him to stay on in the U.S.

Alexandria was last seen on July 28 when her mother Rosalie Joseph left for work. The teen reportedly stayed home from school, but when her mother returned back to their apartment her daughter was missing, her room was in disarray and blood was splattered on the walls, closet and dresser.

An unverified Twitter story went viral following her disappearance that claimed Alexandria was raped by Saint Simon from the time she was five. The social media story claims she became impregnated and the suspect cut out the fetus and left her to die in the woods. None of these claims have been mentioned in official reports, but it was noted that a pair of Saint Simon’s underwear were discovered under Alexandria’s bed.

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