Most mothers wouldn’t describe 27 hours of labor as a pleasant experience, but Alicia Silverstone said she almost enjoyed it. The "Clueless" star described the process as “almost sexy” for the first several hours.

The actress drew attention in March 2012 when she fed her son Bear Blu pre-chewed food from her mouth when he was barely a year old. Now, people are talking about the 1990s movie star once more after she gave a very candid glimpse into her 27 hours of labor with Bear Blue during an interview Monday.

“The first 14 hours was almost sexy,” Silverstone said on “Live! With Kelly & Michael,” according to the Daily Mail. “The [hormone] oxytocin was doing all this magic and it felt amazing. And then it got less than amazing. It got really intense as labor is. And, yeah, it didn't end up as I planned, but the whole juicy story is in the book.”

She referred to her book, “The Kind Mama,” which is described as a “comprehensive and practical guide empowering women to take charge of their fertility, pregnancy, and first six months with baby.” And she also hinted about the emergency Caesarian section she had to have when she and her husband Christopher Jarecki welcomed their son in May 2011.

But the supposed delights of labor weren’t the only thing Silverstone dished about. She also discussed how she and Jarecki agreed on the moniker for their son. “We thought that it would be really cute for a baby and very sexy for a man,” the actress said.

She explained the moment that attracted a lot of criticism when she posted a video of herself feeding Bear pre-chewed food from her mouth. “It was a moment and I was trusting my instincts," she told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. “He couldn't chew. He had like one tooth. And he wanted the food in my mouth. He was determined. And so, I gave it to him.”

“And it was so adorable and so lovely. It made me laugh really hard. He also ate food and he also ate my milk and it only happened when he wanted it to happen,” she said. “So that's what happened. And people have been doing it since the beginning of time.”

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