An Orlando-based author, Concetta Graves has been posting about her horror experiences on Facebook after being mistaken as Casey Anthony.

" Casey Anthony Look-Alike Says She is Threatened

Concertta is not the only lady who has been attacked after the news of Casey Anthony, who was charged of killing her young daughter, was not found guilty of murder by the jury, spread across media.

Last month, a store clerk at Oklahoma, Sammay Blackwell who looked like Casey Anthony was attacked by a customer, crashing her car into Blackwell causing her to flip several times.

L.Concetta Graves with hair tied up, wearing sunglasses and Ohio State cap, resembles the mass hated figure, Casey Anthony.

"Yesterday at the post office, some guy flung the door open real violently and said 'is that Casey Anthony?” Graves said, and three men jumped out of their truck shouting “baby killer".

“My brother ended up with two black eyes for defending me,” she posted on Facebook.

For Graves and her brother, that was far from their scariest moment. However, Graves had a gun and was able to scare them away.

Now people are suggesting her to “Stay home till she isn't fresh in people's minds” and “Dye my hair".

“They kind of jump to conclusions. They don’t know that behind the glasses and hat is someone that dosen’t really look like her,” Graves brother Blade said.

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