Nassau County, N.Y., police confirmed Monday afternoon that Sang Ho Kim, the man accused of shooting two people and killing one in Garden City, Long Island, on Wednesday, is dead, the Associated Press reports. A sail boater called authorities after spotting a body that washed ashore in the Hudson River just south of the Bear Mountain Bridge around 9 a.m. Monday, News 12 wrote Monday.

Kim's body was found on the shore of Iona Island, which is 25 miles from where his white SUV was found empty on Wednesday evening after the shooting took place.

There was a massive four-day manhunt for Kim after the 63-year-old allegedly opened fire at Savenergy, a lighting business near the Roosevelt Field Mall. On Saturday, authorities surmised that he had committed suicide after his sister said he left a threatening voicemail on her cell phone.

“We hope to see this ending today,” Hollywood Life quoted a spokesperson for the Putnam County sheriff. “We’re going to continue to hunt the suspect down.”

Kim apparently shot the two victims after he felt he had been “cheated out of a lot of money,” Newsday wrote. He thought Yong Jae Shin, 25, whom he killed and owner of Savenergy, John Choi, whom he critically injured for not giving him the amount of money he thought he deserved after they worked on a combined project.

"He apparently thought he had been slighted and denied what was owed to him,” a law enforcement official told the news site. Kim’s sister, who didn’t want to be named, add to the news site that Choi didn’t pay Kim. "My brother gave him a warning,” she said.

On Tuesday, Choi and Kim were supposed to meet to discuss the business discrepancy, but apparently Choi never showed up. "He went there and nobody's there. My brother got really, really mad,” she told Newsday.