Amal Clooney will not be divorcing George Clooney, Gossip Cop reported Tuesday, dismissing an earlier report that stated otherwise. Celebrity Dirty Laundry had reported that the two were having marital problems after Cindy Crawford revealed to CNN earlier this month that she nearly ended up in bed with George before he met Amal.

"George is very well-behaved now that he's married to the lovely Amal ," Cindy told CNN on Dec. 8 . "But there was a time before he met Amal, that he and Rande had gone out, and they did ask me if I wanted to come, but it was a Sunday night and I stayed home with the kids."

"Sometimes if Rande [Cindy’s husband] goes out late, he'll go into the guest room, because the kids will end up falling asleep with me in my room. … I get on the bed and I'm like, 'Hey, babe,' and he looks, and it wasn't Rande. It was George! I don't know who was more shocked, me or George, because I've woken George out of a dead, slightly inebriated slumber. So, he was like, 'Oh, my God!' and I was like, 'Oh, my God!' And then I ran out . . . And I find Rande, and I wake him up. He was in our daughter's room. And I was like, 'Why is George in the guest room?'” Cindy said.

Following this, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported Monday that Amal “completely freaked out” after Crawford “recently dished about a nearly naked encounter she had with George Clooney.” The website went on to report that there could be “trouble in newlywed paradise” because George may be “comparing Amal to Cindy.” It wrote, “Clooney may just mention from time to time Cindy is a very, very, very beautiful woman. But does that mean George thinks Amal is ugly?”

However, Gossip Cop reported that the Celebrity Dirty Laundry report was false and Amal and George were not divorcing.