Amal Clooney was surrounded with pregnancy rumors after a report claimed that George Clooney’s wife was seen with a baby bump. However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that the 37-year-old Lebanese-British lawyer was not expecting her first child with the “Ocean’s Eleven” star.

According to OK! Magazine, Amal is “14 weeks” pregnant with George’s child.

“She’s so tiny that she’s barely showing,” a source told OK!. “Even though the buzz is that she’s just past three months, she’ll probably be able to hide it for a while.”

The source also reportedly said that George is keeping a close eye on his wife during her pregnancy.

“He’s hounding her about her diet,” the source revealed. “He’s pretty paranoid and will ask her at every opportunity whether she’s eaten. When he goes away, he has food delivered to her to make sure she’s getting some calories.”

The report also stated that the couple plans to keep the pregnancy news a secret for at least another mother. The pregnancy rumors have surfaced over a month after Amal and George’s first wedding anniversary in September.