Inc. acquired Palo Alto, California based company SnapTell Inc. prior to Amazon plans to beef-up its mobile capabilities.

SnapTell is an image recognition based mobile marketing company, maker of the Apple's iPhone software applications that enables end-user to take a picture of the product they want to buy online such as cover of DVD, book and Magazines, and connecting to online store to purchase it.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is working to build up its mobile capabilities leading it to buy Seattle based Lexcycle, the maker of application called Stanza for reading books on the iPhone, last April of this year.

Amazons has its own software application for iPhone and other phones but the existing service relies on the humans to match photos and products.

Snaptell acquisition will boost Amazon's image recognition mobile marketing with Snaptell capabilities and experiences.

Value Amazons acquisitions for Snaptell Inc. has not been revealed.