Amazon's new Kindle e-reader now costs only $79 because it no longer has a keyboard, making it smaller, and it only supports Wi-Fi. It also has a $79 price tag because this version comes with a Special Offers and Sponsered Screensavers designation. In other words, if you want the lower price, you have to look at ads on the homepage and on the screensaver.

However, now, there is the option of simply paying for the new Kindle e-reader at the full price of $109. Amazon figured they could sell more Kindle's at a lower price, but now comes word of yet another choice. Buy the Special Offers Kindle, and if you decide later you don't want the ads anymore, you can upgrade your discounted device. Pay the extra $30 you would have had to for the no-ads Kindle, and your discount Kindle will be ad free.

It might sound confusing on the surface, but for Amazon it makes perfect sense for their business. They can sell more Kindle's for $79 and if people really, really are irked with the Special Offers content, they can upgrade for the extra $30. There's no word yet if this function will be offered on the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G when they come out in November, but both do come with the Special Offers option, so it seems likely it will apply.

If you have the new Kindle and you want to get rid of the Special Offers, just go to the Manage Your Devices page and hit the edit option on your listed device. Then, when the dialog box opens, simply hit the orange unsubscribe button.

Tell us in the comments if you like the Special Offers or if you are considering upgrading, but don't have the cash.