Ambam, a Western Lowland gorilla that walks upright, has become an instant internet celebrity after his zoo posted a YouTube video of him.

The 17 second footage from the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, shows Ambam strolling across his enclosure.


According to ITN News, he may have learned this skill from watching his zoo keepers; he first learned to balance on his hind legs and then progressed to master the art of walking.


CBS reported that he likes to stand upright to see if his keepers are coming with food.  


According to WYFF4 News, Ambam's father used to walk when his hands were full.  His sister has also reportedly walked upright.  








Below is the first video from the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park:


Second video from the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park:

Below is the video from ITN News:

Interview with Ambam's zoo keeper from ITV News:

More from ITV News: